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Back from a long brake

i started this over 3 years ago and got to week 4 but could not go on I have had a bad back and finally I got a op to sort it out about a year ago I was told I could start running again but I was scared but last week I bought some new trainer and kit and off I went I did week one and even though I did not enjoy the run after the run I got this buzz for hour after I felt like a new woman so now IAM on week 2 run 3 today I thought I would right this as this Community is expiring and great to be back

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Well done you! Does your username indicate that you are a Ballantyne? I posted about this a couple of weeks ago - I was a Ballantyne and discovered that our motto is 'nec sito nec tarde' - neither fast nor slow. A good place to be on this programme!


Yes it's my Maiden name but married now


Nice to meet another one. We're a rare breed! Sadly my m&d failed to produce a son so another branch of the family disappears!


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