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W8 has begun!

...was a bit less marvellous this morning....I loved the soggy one, last time...crazy woman...

Now driving to my runs - in the woods, with a bit of up & down, is what I prefer to the bloomin' tarmac trudge; it's not far, but I don't have time for walking there & back on a work day and the running only just gets me there (very annoying).

When I returned from today's outing, my OH suggested cycling there and to use that as my warm up & down (prob. between 5 & 10 mins, each way and pretty flat) - why didn't I think of that?! duh!

So, gonna be blowing the dust off the old bike, coz pre-50s, crazy woman, biathlete training commences this weekend! ;-) ..we'll see how that goes...

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Brilliant idea - and I'm sure it's good (for muscles, joints etc) to get some other form of exercise, in addition to the running...enjoy!


Ooh, you'll be swimming as well next!!

Sounds like you're motoring on - best of luck with week 8 - nearly there now...



Blimey, week 8 already Tiki!! Time flies when you are having fun and all that.... Great stuff, crazy lady.... on yer bike!

Good luck my friend x


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