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Well that didn't go well at all! I struggled from start to finish but I did at least finish. Think it was partly my fault it was so bad, two cups of coffee and no water before a lunch time run, but I'm now dreading run 3 and week 5 even more. Strange thing is, I haven't felt as wobbly since being home as I did after run 1. Oh well, gremlins go away, I will enjoy run 3 (I hope!)

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Well done !! I shall be out there tonight for same run so I hope mine goes better, sun is shinning at the moment let hope the weather holds.


Good luck on your run. I managed to dodge the showers but the wind was quite strong in places.


Poor fuel = wobbly run. Try a banana before a run - never mind Red Bull (which I hate), a banana gives me wings! Everyone has crap runs. This was one of yours. Chalk it up, and move on!

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The way my heart was going, think a red bull - which I hate as well - would have given me a heart attack with all that caffeine already inside me! Will try a banana, or half, before I go out next time.


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