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Hello my friends, well I've only been and gone and done it, I have joined a running club ! I go for the 1st time on Monday and I am so scared but excited. I so want to get to 10k and listened to loads of advice on here ( thank you especially Bazza ) but somehow it doesn't work for me, so I took courage, did some googling and found a small friendly club just up the road, cost £20 a year which includes insurance or something, just£10 if I decide I don,t want that.

and today I run 7k , even if the teeny shortage meant I had to walk up and down the garden path to get my garmin to hit 7 !!

I really should say how sorry I am that I only write on here rarely comment, I mean to, but so busy with grand kids etc


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  • Well done. That's great. I've only just just started doing the c25k programme. Week 3 but love reading peoples posts on here. It really gives me encouragement that I can do it even if there are setbacks along the way. ☺☺

  • of course you can do it, just keep telling yourself that

  • Well done GJ. I bet you'll enjoy it! If it's just up the road then getting there and back will be a doddle. Have a good time on Monday

  • I was brave misswobble, had a prob getting there so I messaged the club and got a lift I if you want to do something its best to take control instead of saying I cant, next is learning to swim !! )

  • Ooo you brave lady! Go GJ, you're going to be fab. Have fun running rings round your running club. :)

  • nope wont be running rings, more like smothering them in treacle as thats my favourite pace !

  • Good for you gjude! I know you will enjoy it. I understand about being busy an not able to post. As long as you do come back here its good!

  • its not so much the not posting that bothers me, I do do think all graduates should put something back, I so wish I had time to offer more support, I know I was glad of it

  • Jude

    You have done it all on your own!!! :)

  • Bazza you have no idea how much you support me

  • Am sure you will love it

  • I think might fitfor, hoping I can go there twice a week and one long run on Fridays

  • Great stuff GJ , I am sure they will love you as much as we do , enjoy it :-) xxx

  • watch this space Tuesday, I will let you know

  • I'd love to hear how you get on, it's something I've wondered about and put aside. Don't worry about not being a regular poster, we all lead busy lives, but I've found that the lovely people here are very generous and forgiving!

  • I will certainly keep you posted, its a very small group, which suits me, I get a month free, that suits me, I love their name ( Dreckley Runners ) dreckly is Cornish for manyana ! and I like the running gear even to its not pink ! I could never join anything that wore yellow !!

  • Sounds good and can't wait to hear about it! Wish I could run with you! I am halfway through a 6 week "speed camp" where we meet once a week with the trainers and the other 30 runners. Each week we do something different- last week it was drills running up this hill!!!! (OMG how I usually avoid hills). It was fun and not so bad. However, I am the 2nd slowest in the group- oh and also the oldest!!!!! Can't wait to see if I am a few seconds faster in my next 5 k race:)

  • oh Maitko I am sure I will be last but doesnt really matter does it ? all about enjoying it and for me running a 10k when my Mum said I would never run 5k ( My Mum is very negative, supportive is not her middle name !! )

  • Usually I say mums know best - but DeF NOT in this case It's def case of Granny's know best Shame she so negative but we are all behind you Was thinking of you today GJ cos took 3 little grandchildren up to edinburgh Castle They had such great fun pretending to shoot the baddies with cannons ! Apart from hills on the castle we had to climb two huge steep sets of steps to get there so feel like done good workout.

  • am I negative ? darn I hate negativity, can we call it honest !!! Isnt Edinburgh lovely, and with 3 tinies in tow even better,

  • No no you ARE positive Obviously my reply wasn't clear GJ I was commenting on you saying YOUR mum was negative and not supportive . sorry for any misunderstanding

    When the esplanade is empty it looks too small to hold the Tattoo!

  • Way to go GJ !! Well done on getting out there and sorting out your running club. Can't wait to hear about it all. I know exactly what you mean about supporting others. I found and continue to find so much friendly support and info on here butI feel I contribute very little due to work/ life etc

  • Dont know about you b450, but a great regret of mine

  • That is so happy for you...and you are amazing on here, always so supportive...please do tell us how you got on :)

  • oh trust me I will, part excited part scared !!

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