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Mojo returns!

I have been struggling so badly to run and making every excuse in the book not to bother. This is particularly shameful since the weather has been so fantastic!

I've put on half a stone because I've been such a lardy bum so I decided drastic action was needed before I rounded it up to a stone!

So, I've joined an honest to goodness running club which caters for all abilities and I love it!

Running with others seems to have helped with motivation and I'm very hopeful that I can keep the sessions up through the cold and dark months - keep everything crossed for me!

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That's brilliant. Good for you getting started again. Bet the club brings some great peer pressure (positive peer pressure)


Mobo, it is just like having this wonderful forum in person!


That's great - welcome back. I'd love to join a running club but they meet at the wrong times for me. Have fun


Welcome back Mojo!


Sounds like fun. I also wonder how to get motivated in the winter months and I like the idea of running with a club, but I never know from one day to the next whether or not I'll fit in a run at all. So far so good for you, and if you can keep going all through the winter there'll be a new you ready for the spring and you'll feel amazing.


Good for you :)


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