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Got to love a "short" and "slow" run

HM training is going well. I have been running 8K's 3 times a week for the past 3 weeks. My plan rewarded me with a comfortable 5K. ie just a gentle run. Oh, how I loved that. I was OK with running 8k, but it was so nice to just run for 30 mins, then stop. I wasn't willing the run to end, I wasn't out of puff, well not too much. I just ran 5.5K then stopped, stretched and walked home.

I love a morning run, sets me up for the day :-)

All change on Sunday. 12K!! Haven't done that for a while.

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glad you enjoyed it!

out of interest, which half are you doing, where is it and when?

i am doing one in Leicester on oct 26th. bag of nerves? yep but will try to enjoy!


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