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Advised to rest

Well after my previous post about being poorly I had a week's rest between W2R2 and W2R3 which I did on Saturday.

I did W3R1 today and I completed it all which I am amazed and pleased about. Unfortunately I'm still not feeling well so I went to the Walk in GP place. He said I have probably got a third consecutive viral infection (this is day 13) and I need to rest as much as possible probably for probably two more weeks.

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Poor thing, take it easy; running will still be there when you get better :)


Thank you huffnpuffin. I just wish I could get out there. I only started exercising this month for the first time since October last year. Was ill most of last year and then had to recover from an operation Jan - earlier this month!


Sounds like a rest is probably a good idea - get some rest, build your strength back and you will be ready to get back out there :0)


:( Hope you feel better soon


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