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My 16th Parkrun

I had a good parkrun on Saturday. I usually look for someone who appears to be running at a pace that suits me and tuck in behind them - at least for a while. Right after the start I noticed a very pretty young girl getting along nicely - so I thought I would trail her. I part expected her to slow down or maybe even stop some where along the way - but , no she kept on and eventually started to leave me behind. So I had to up my pace to keep up with her - and she crossed the line at 33 minutes with me just a couple of seconds behind her.

It was a good run for me - and I think it was also a good run for the pretty six year old girl as well!!!! :) Her mother, who was running with her, was a good sort too! :)

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That sounds like a good run. Our Parkrun is really hilly and the youngsters just hurtle down the hills with no fear or hesitation. It's inspiring!

Good time too :-)


Be careful chasing the little ones, you can get into trouble doing that! ;)

It's scary how quickly some of them can run, with their little short legs as well.


At our Parkrun, have this 6YO girl and a 6YO boy - whoo I am sure will be future Olympic material!! :)


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