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Well, I had a little hiatus due to a lousy cold, but I am back in the saddle. Its been about three weeks since my last post, and a few things have happenned runningwise.

I completed Week 5 no problems, got into week 6 and then had a few days away where I couldn't run, and then just as I did W6R1, I got an absolute stinker of a cold, which knocked everything on the head for just over a week.

But the middle of last week I finally managed to complete Week 6, and the 25 minute run was quite hard. Wheras running the Parkrun's I am looking at people running near me, and using them to help pace myself, when I run on my own I have nothing to relate to apart fromt he watch and the podcast, so I find it a bit harder, especially in the last few minutes. However I made it, and felt all proud when Laura told me I was now a runner :)

The next Parkrun I did, I completed it in just under 29 minutes, which completely blew me away, that was a sudden increase in performance!

Now I'm into week 7, and compared to some, I actually found the first run much more enjoyable and relaxed. so here is to run 2 tomorrow night. I'm all out of sync with runs to days now and have actually done up to this point in about 9 1/2 weeks instead of 7 1/2, but from here it gets interesting. I'm actually starting to look forward to Week 9 and graduation!


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Heavens you go fast! You must be fitter than you think! There are a lot of colds and viruses around at the moment, so you are not alone. Good luck with the rest of Wk 7.


I go a lot slower on the C25K runs, to make sure I finish without stopping :)


Well done, you must be feeling good :)

I am planning to do the first run of week 7 tonight after about a 5 day break so thanks for the motivation :)


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