Just Do It!

That's what the T-shirt I wore today said so I did. Took Rico the laggard and used my garmin to track warm up, 5k run and warm down. 5k in 33:07 not too shabby. A new PB for 1k of 5:12 was nice.

Saw 3 deer and managed to keep Rico from chasing them - okay he didn't see them.

Looking forward to a relaxing Saturday.

Have great runs today and follow my t-shirt mantra - JDI or JFDI if you need motivating ;-)


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25 Replies

  • Love it!! Fab time on the old 5k.... Sounds as if it was a perfect morning! Have to confess I am still in my bed with a big mug of tea......but in my defence I was in the gym every morning last week at 06.30 for an hour lol

  • Nice LadyP33 surely a Lady would have a cup and saucer not a mug? ;-) That's a lot of gym work are you training for something?

  • I am no Lady.... But my "Sunday" name is Penelope for my sins..... Hence Lady Penelope shortened to LadyP.

    I am training to do some Triathlons next year, but starting from the base of a complete couch potato, I knew I had to develop core strength and develop my major muscle groups plus lose about 3 stone!

    Luckily my gym buddy is a PT and so she focuses on light weights and good form.

    The upshot is that I didn't run until the first stone came off and running is now about basic good form, not speed or distance.

    I am determined to get it right, go slowly in training to avoid injury and build on the basics correctly. I also now have swim coaching....

    I think they call it a mid life crisis..... But whatever it is I am loving it !

  • Brilliant LadyP sounds like you are really dedicated to it well done

  • Do you have the characteristic elegant running style of Lady Penelope with air splits every stride and pink trainers to match your car and is there a Parker? Oh how I need a Parker :)

  • I so wish I had the run and the Parker! I have neither :(

  • Planning to JFDI on Monday morning :-) 3 deer! Lucky you. Enjoy the rest of your Saturday. Nice times BTW.

  • Thanks Babs good luck on Monday

  • Good times GF. Great that you managed to prise Rico away from the deer. You don't want another Fenton!

  • Thanks IP - Love that clip on you tube - Fenton, Fenton and the exasperation "Jesus Christ" - still chuckling now

  • Aw well done GF,I have just asked how you were going on on my thread. That is really good to hear, sounds like you have shaken off your injury.

    Also, Rico was a very good boy too, win-win ! :-) xxx

  • Definite win - win and still not quite going all out but plan to in the next couple of weeks

  • Sounds lovely

  • Hi spoonie - long time no hear. Great to have you back

  • Wow at that pb! Sounds like a good run.sometimes just doing it is best idea

  • Absolutely Vixchile good luck with your race tomorrow

  • Sounds like a great run and a good time. Rico will be getting so fit those deer will have to look lively when he does notice them.

    JFDI is aired a lot in our gaff.

  • Thanks Slookie he definitely lagged behind on my fast 1k

  • Hi GF

    Another run ticked off. Sounds like you had a good un! Good boy Rico! I think chasing deer could be a stresser for you. You'd get fit chasing Rico chasing them! LOL

    You're doing great Lady P! I think a few of us here are having the mid life crisis. I know I am! Loving the running and fitness. I've dropped 4 stones in weight along the way too. Feeling better now than I've ever done

  • Wow 4 stones MW great achievement. If running makes you live longer maybe it's not so mid-life?

  • JFDI...I'll go for that..brilliant.And well done that sounds like a fabulous run for you and Rico, have a great weekend.

  • You too JuJu

  • Funnily enough this week in the car I passed a woman on a bicycle with "Just Do It" on the back of her cycling shorts. Seemed a bit like having a "Kick me" label!

  • That could be taken so many ways fnar fnar ;-)

  • Well yes I was slightly ashamed to intimate the variety of possibilities

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