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Piriformis- why wont it get better, why me?

I developed piriformis pain just one run after I graduduated. Its really gettting me down as I want to run 5k 3 times a week but struggling with the pain.

Doing all the stretching excercises recommended twice a day and 3 weeks later its still causing problems.

Did race for life 5k yesterday but struggled only 10 mins light jog today

Any suggestions as its getting me down?

I know someone will say rest it. But if you can take away this muscle then the rest of me is fine!

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Just an idea but have you had a gait anaylsis recently? As you become more experienced and run more would it make sense that your running style might change and hence the type of support you need? Strong anti inflammatories from doctor? Hope it gets better soon.


Yes, had gait analysiis done and new trainers as a results which have been great Rhona, my GP is never keen to give strong anti- inflammtories when I had a bad back years ago.,

Deryn I have been using that u tube video excercise , but its not making a difference, suppose I just have to be patient!


I had a tight piriformis but it cleared up (sorry, not trying to rub it in)!

What makes you say it is definitely your piriformis? Is it possible you need to consider some other cause?



There is no pain anywhere else and it fits with the symptoms on the net.

Plus when I do the stretching excercise the piriformis muscle feels really tight.


Sounds like you may have some tension locked in there - ? worth trying a sports massage. Worked wonders when my back went into spasm a couple of years ago.


i agree with sugestion above, i was in agony and getting depresed about not being able to run a while ago, went for tui na massage and have not looked back but its similar to sports massage, really worked hard on a tight muscle. i limped into the clinic and literally walked out of the clinic, best £30 i have EVER spent :-) xx good luck because i do understand some of your frustration x


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