Body Heat (1981)

Body Heat (1981)

What's a girl to wear these days? This morning, the weather was dry, a bit of sunshine didn't really warm my naked bits but I knew once I started running I'd heat up. There was quite a bit of wind (weather wise not bean wise) but it was a tad fresh so in the end I opted for a long sleeved top.

Warm up walk was fine. Temperature perfect. Even threw in a few skips, jumps and bum kicks (oh get me!). Started to run.

Tried a little experiment. I'm reading " The Art of Running Faster" and apparently if you move your arms faster your legs will follow! It felt like it worked but I'm not clocking my pace on the Garmin and so I didn't look. Honest. But it seemed fast.

Anyway, the first K was in the shade so everything was perfect. Feeling good but couldn't sustain the pace as there was a hill coming up, so slowed down and then I turned a corner into the sunshine! And duly regretted wearing the long sleeved top!

The wind had died down and it was hot, hot. I felt my face turning red, I was sweating buckets and I hadn't even done 2k! It was hard. I wanted to stop but that little inner voice kept nagging. Don't be a wimp. Don't be a wimp.

At about 3k my phone rang. I looked at the number. Unknown. I ignored it. Didn't have the energy to say hello anyway. But it interrupted my rhythm. Hard. I seriously thought about taking my top off but Id already seen a couple of walkers and didn't want to scare them.

At last the 5K bleeped and I could stop. Oh, I got 2 new records! Fastest Km 6.03. Fastest mile 10.11!! Obviously the arm thing works! No wonder I was hot! My face was crimson and I looked as though I'd just come out of the steam room! But I was well chuffed.

I think I'll stick to the short sleeves for a while.


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22 Replies

  • Fantastic! Well done on a couple of great times. Try not to think of it as sweating, rather as glowing enthusiastically ;)

  • Thanks AncientMum. How are you doing?

  • I'm good thanks. Ran for 20 minutes the other day but goodness I'm very very slow now. Can't and won't complain though. I'm running without pain, so that'll do nicely! :)

  • 20 minutes is great. That didn't take you long! Good luck.

  • Oh the perils of what to wear running !! I think i should try the arm thing on sunday - i could do with any help running faster, while the stick insects zoom past at supersonic pace (just a bit jealous).

    Any way is the art of running faster a good book? Maybe i could add it to my xmas list - i think i might be able to get amazon to deliver to Chile.

  • The arms thing definitely worked for me, if a little exhausting!

  • Silence the phone when you're running. I bet whoever it was could have waited half an hour. I'm lucky because nobody ever wants to talk to me!!!

  • Me neither!

    Although I have spent years cultivating a reputation as someone who doesn't carry / charge / know how to use a mobile... (whistles guiltily!)

    I don't have anywhere to put my phone when running. I use a small clip-on MP3 so that doesn't require pockets, and usually have to thread my door key on to my shoelaces! Is this why people have the arm-band thingies?

  • I have a brilliant belt from ST with a pocket for phone & key and one for ipod. It's fab.

  • SD I mean

  • ooohh! Now that does look like a good idea :)


  • I thought it might have been my hubby who wasn't feeling very well! But I never talk to anyone on the phone when running!

  • Irishprincess - I had a similar weather/clothing issue today. It was drizzling and overcast where I am, and I put on my "cool weather" top. Bad move. I ended up exactly as you described... d'oh!

  • Lesson learned!

  • Superb IP 2 PBs is a fantastic effort. I have started pumping the arms on hills and it does seem to help. Quite sore now though!

  • Thanks GF. Can't help but pump arms when going up hills as it makes it easier somehow, doesn't it?

  • Well done you!!! And I find I go out wearing what I always do as I always warm up and I hate things flapping about! Great time you must be chuffed :)

  • Thank you JJ. Feel thrilled. Next time, usual summer gear!

  • Great times! I'm going to try that too!

  • Thanks Curlygurly. It really works!

  • Wow, brilliant times! No wonder you were warm! And that's a great tip about the arms - I shall try that next time I'm out. Well done, and well done for not scaring the walkers ;)

  • Thanks Annie. Yes book is very good. Would definitely recommend it.

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