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Foot Slapping :(

I did W6 D1 today after the big 20 minutes on monday. However, today and monday I noticed my shin and ankle becoming really tight and almost feeling like it wasn't moving while running. I took my headphones off and realised I was 'slapping' my feet! I've not noticed this before so must be related to my pain. I did think I perhaps need new trainers (mine aren't that old) but now I think it's perhaps related to my running form. I have been trying to read up on running form but there are many different theories!

I thought perhaps I could join the local running club and see if they can help? I also paused after the runs today to stretch, it helped a bit but the achey tightness pain was still there.

Any suggestions or advice please? :) I'm going to pop into the local sports shop on saturday but I would prefer not to buy another pair of trainers just yet!

Thank you.

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You sound like I did when I was 16 and started running at college, it turns out that I have flat feet which resulted in chronic anterior compartment syndrome (I still have it now and have had it for the past 6years), I've been told off another website to get a gait analysis, which might also be beneficial for you as well.

Hope this helps and the problem gets sorted sooner rather than later, I left my pain for 2 years and that's why I ended up with the compartment syndrome, which has only gotten a lot worse, if I could turn back time I would have gone doctors sooner rather than later.

Hope this helps. :)


Thank you, I will have another gait analysis and take my current trainers in. It's frustrating as I did buy these via gait analysis about 3 months ago.


Took me 3 attempts at replying because my head was messing up the words lol. If you had a gait analysis at a shoe shop have you thought about going seeing your doctor and requesting a gait analysis which is what I'm due to do because at some shops they just aren't specialist enough to tell you about all the mechanics (they know to a certain extent) but doctor's would be able to tell you a greater deal, I've spent 3 years going to see orthotic doctors who have explained a lot to me about my flat feet and the insoles and why I shouldn't get these types of trainers etc. I have spent weeks going to physiotherapists and getting information off them, so I know roughly what trainers I'm looking for that will fit my insoles in and help my legs, being honest nothing's worked so far but I got told by an orthotic doctor if I had of been to see them when the pain first started then I'd be pain free by now, hope that makes you feel more relieved at my answer.

Hope that helps and makes sense sometimes I can't make much sense.


Thank you :-) It does make sense! I'll look at going to an orthotic doctor as well as the shop etc. Having several opinions doesn't hurt!


Your very welcome :) glad I could help, I'm waiting on a referral to see an orthopedic doctor because it's looking like surgery might be on the cards but not for the flat feet but if I'd have got my feet and legs seen to when they first started hurting then surgery wouldn't even be an option, just me being far too stubborn. The more options the better in my eyes.


Can you get someone to videotape you running? A friend who is into triathlons did a course put on by one of our gyms, and they video taped them running, swimming and cycling. He said it was eye-opening to see how much he differed from the proper form.


I could maybe get my partner to film me but not sure I want to watch what will be cringey and awful! :) I do have a friend who has offered to assess me and help me so may take her up on that offer.


I would definitely recommend gait analysis. I had lots of muscle problems until I got new shoes. Most good running shops have treadmills where they will do this for free. If you go for last seasons running shoes they are a lot cheaper.

If you go,take your existing trainers with you for them to check.


These trainers were purchased after gait analysis, that is what is so frustrating :( I'm sure I only got them about 3 months ago! I will go in on saturday and talk to them again as I'm worried I'll end up doing more damage to myself just as I'm starting to get in to it!


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