Painful toenail

Hi all, I've completed week3 run 1 tonight and it was great, whilst doing it my big toenails were hurting but I continued. Now hours later they are really very painful. Had a browse on the Internet and it states that it could be the shoes I'm wearing.

Any advice welcome as I'm only on week 3 so not like I'm running for a long time and I'm wearing the same trainers I usually wear to run. Perhaps it's not related, they're not infected or anything. Any tips on how to make them feel better if it is related. ๐Ÿ˜ฉ


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  • For me, if my nails get at all tender it they're too long, so a quick trim sorts them out! Other than that I've no bright ideas I'm afraid...!

  • Hmm that was my first thought too so I've already trimmed them so fingers crossed then that a day or two should be back to normal. Thank you x

  • I agree if my toes get sore it's usually time for a clip. I've never had my toe nails so short as I have since I started running. Also check to see if the seams of your socks cover your toes at any point as that can cause pain sometimes.

  • Running socks tend to have padded toe bits which may help cushion your poor toes, you don't have to pay a fortune for them

  • Thank you. Feeling a little better today. I may get some socks, don't wear them at all cos I don't like the feel maybe part of the problem.

  • Well done for the run! I'm laying my bets that your trainers may be too small. Cut your toe-nails (often the culprit for me) and check if you're not hitting the ends of your trainers when you run. Your running shoes should be a bigger size than your normal shoes so that you have enough room in the toe box. Feet swell when running too. My trainers are a size bigger than my normal shoe size. Check it out :)

  • Agree with mfamilias - my first thought was your trainers are too small and now you're running that bit further you're starting to feel it. I wear a full size bigger than my normal shoe size, but for some folk half a size up works best. If it's not actual shoe size then it may be the size of the toe box - it can vary quite a bit between different brands and models, in which case I would ask in store what they recommend? Hope you get it sorted! :)

  • Don't wear them! Get a new pair, probably a size bigger, better still, get a gait analysis and shoe fitting done at a reputable running shop..๐Ÿ˜Š

  • If you go looking for new shoes, try them on after you've spent an entire Saturday afternoon traipsing around the shops, so your feet will have swollen some. Having a thumb's width between the front of the shoe and the tip of your longest toe is a useful, er, rule of thumb :D

  • You have my sympathy! Could be your shoe is too narrow/tight in the toe box. I have been nursing a black toenail since mid Sept and it's hanging off now. Not all of it though, annoyingly. The pain in your toe nail is due to pressure on it from the top and possibly end of your shoe. I generally go for a half size bigger, but recently purchased a shoe which I find is a tiny bit narrower but enough to do this amount of damage! Get your shoes sorted out pronto ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Thank you everyone, great advice I'll get some new shoes ๐Ÿ˜€

  • I had a problem with my toes getting sore, and discovered it was caused by the downhill parts (very steep) in our parkrun. I then discovered it was because the downhill parts were causing my feet to slip forward in trainers, letting my toes hit the end of the shoes. I cured it when I used this great tip - What are the extra holes at the top of your trainers for and .... it worked. I have used it in every pair of trainers I have had since.

  • Thanks Theziggy that is a fantastic tip I will be sure to do this.


  • What everyone else said. Keep them really short; if they are still sore, then either your shoes are too small or you might not be lacing them tightly enough to stop your toes banging against the front of your shoe. Good luck.

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