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Back on the wagon

Thanks everybody for your supportive words to my fallen off the wagon post from the other day. Being back in running order (ho ho ho), I decided today to recapture that W5R3 feeling. I wasn't sure I was up to the full 20 minutes again yet, but I slowed the pace down and just kept going. I managed an almost exactly round 3k in 20 minutes. I'll be back up to 5k again in no time! Well, not too quickly, I don't want to give myself an injury!

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Well done. You did the right thing taking it slowly. There's no hurry and yes you'll be back to running 5k in a jiffy!


Good for you.


well done for persevering ....and good luck with the rest :)


W5R3 is a great feeling isn't it. Hopefully it will have given you the encouragement to continue.

:) x


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