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Overdone it?

Did the fist 25min run yesterday of wk7, woke up early today and my thighs were feeling a little stiff; so I though I'd do a bit of a walk on my day off today.

Well, my bit of a walk turned into 9k of hill walking !

The last half of which I was suffering badly - staggering around like a 90 year old :( finally got home and my legs are aching and feel like lead, my left knee is really stiff and right hip is burning.

I don't want to miss my run tomorrow afternoon as it could muck up the weekend, but I think it would be safer to rest tomorrow don't you?

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Definitely - have a rest. If you feel really bad just have another - more gentle - walk. It would be bad if you got an injury now having got to W7.


Better to muck up a weekend than the next few weeks! Take a rest if you need it, there's plenty of time to get on with the rest of the programme. You're doing great to get to W7, wha'ts an extra day between friends? x ;-)


A nice, gentle walk is great for the rest days. But 9k of hills isn't exactly a nice, gentle walk.

You know the answer already, don't you? And sadly I think you're right. Listen to your body. Give it the rest and a chance to heal. It's when you rest that you grow stronger.

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