Graduation – did you do anything special for Week 9 Run 3?

Hi All

As the title says really, did you arrange a special run for Week 9 Run 3 (or for when you actually Graduated) or did you just Graduate without any fuss? Was there champagne to celebrate or just a nice cold bottle of water? ;o)

I am about to start Week 8 on Thursday so that means 6 more runs and I’ll be, hopefully, graduating by the end of this month and I started to think about whether I should be doing something special to mark the run/day. I don’t have anything planned at the moment, and I’m not really sure if I will do anything special to mark the occasion or not, but I would be interested to hear if any other c25k Graduates did anything special (or of any plans that non-Graduates have).

So, what did you do (or plan to do) to mark your graduation day?

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38 Replies

  • No, I got it all wrong! I did W9R3 on a Friday evening after a hard week at work, without leaving enough time after eating and as a consequence, it was a real slog, which would have been long forgotten had it not been the culmination of this brilliant training plan. Get it right. You're worth it!

  • Oh dear! Doesn't sound like the ideal way to celebrate ;o) Hopefully I won't make the same mistake ;o)

  • I set out to run 5k for my graduation, rather than to run for 30 minutes. The furthest I'd done up until then was 4.1k I think, so knew it was going to be a push but just felt confident that I could do it. Had a really really tough 5 minutes in the middle, about the time I should have turned back if I was going to stop after 30 min, but figured the problem was in my head not my legs, so just ran very slowly until I'd got my head together again. Felt epic ( and wobbly-legged) when I finished. Good luck whatever you decide to do. Not long now :)

  • That's brilliant, AncientMum and what a great way to mark the occasion by pushing on to reach your 5K goal.

  • I plan taking the car and go to a nice place to do it, an already known place, I don´t want surprises that day. So I have 3 weeks to choose the place, I´m already thinking... And maybe I will buy a Gatorade to celebrate :)

  • Hi Ana. That sounds like a great plan. Hope you enjoy it ;o) PS I had to look up what a Gatorade was but seems like a good choice ;o)

  • mmm, no so good as you can think, just a sports isotonic beverage, but a little expensive here, so only in celebrations :)

  • Ah, right :)

  • I just finished the run on my usual trail. Said "yay", smiled and went home happy. I didn't say anything at home as no-one knew I was running at that point

    I hope you do something special to mark the occasion! I wish I had

  • You still had your own little celebration so it still counts ;)

  • I managed to time things so that my graduation run was a 5k charity run. I also bought the c25k graduate t-shirt to wear on the day.

    I think it's worth marking the day. You have achieved something wonderful, and that is worth celebrating.

  • What a great way to celebrate your Graduation. I intend to purchase the t-shirt and wear it for my first Park Run. I think you're right, it is something to celebrate in some way.

  • Nice question Paul, and nice to read the responses (as we are up the same point in the programme, still!) Week 8 begins for me in the morning :)

    I like EpicMum's answer - and pushing on to do the 5k! I think I might do that - then afterwards.. gotta celebrate with some cold alcoholic beverage of some kind I reckon! ;) Woohooooo how exciting! :D x

  • Yes, we're both still on course to graduate together :) Good luck with w8.

    I think you're right when you say that some sort of alcoholic beverage is a must on celebration day ;)

  • I picked a nice scenic loop around a loch for my graduation run and did the run later in the day rather than my normal early morning. The time of the run was more down to circumstances rather than planning but it worked out quite well as I treated myself to a pub lunch (after the shower of course :D ).

    Oh yeah. I had a day off work as well :-)

  • Sounds wonderful and a pub lunch too. Very nice. Having a day off work, now there's an idea I like very much. That is definitely something I'll be doing :)?

  • I plan to buy a c25k t-shirt and wear it everywhere lol!!!!!!!!

  • Me too ;)

  • Well I should be graduating today but it's not going to happen because I had to take the girls swimming and I don't feel up to going out now after 22 lengths. (I'm not a stong swimmer)

    In preparation I bought myself Now That's what I Call Running as I won't have to listen to Laura's music collection anymore and an arm band to hold my phone instead of the bum bag I've been using. I will be able to then see the time and start my running app (Strava) after the warm up walk and stop it before the warm down.

  • Oh no, that's a shame. Still, another days wait isn't too bad. Good luck with the run :)

  • Great to hear you also managed the 5k, KittyKat and a big fat piece of chocolate cake is definitely the way to celebrate :)

  • I did a Parkrun just to be sure I did the 5k, however, in hindsight it was a poor decision as the extra effort meant I picked up an injury which niggled for a bit and has now grounded me. Whatever you decide to do, do it slow and steady....

  • Thats a good idea running a 5k park run to be sure if the distance covered. Sorry to hear about your injury. Hope you recover fully.

  • Same as Kitty and EpicMum, I made sure I did the 5k, also the same as them, it took longer than the 30 minutes.

    There were a few of us graduating on the same day/weekend so we had a virtual party, lots of congratulations and virtual back slapping went on, no bubbly for me, possibly a cup of coffee!

  • A virtual celebratory party, now that sounds fun:)

  • I bought the T-shirt ( didn't wear it until after Graduation ) and also treated myself to a necklace I'd had my eye on....felt as if I could remind myself of my success even when not running! Whatever you decide, it'll be SPECIAL!

  • Yes, I'm hoping to be wearing my t-shirt at the first park run following graduation. Great idea getting the necklace to remind you :)

  • Really like that idea Tomlertoos!

  • Thank you for asking the question Paul, I have my final run WK 9 run 3 tomorrow, I have a good plan about the place and time for my final run and never thought about the celebration part. As I will do my run early in the morning I have just thought I will probably take the morning off work and go for a good breakfast to treat myself.

  • You're welcome :) wow, graduation tomorrow? Very best of luck. Taking time off work is always a good option but with the added benefit if a celebratory breakfast it's just a no brainer :)

  • I'm just one run in front of you. In Sweden, where I now live, "Midsommar" is widely celebrated... and it falls a week on Saturday! So hopefully I will graduate on Midsummer day and there will be parties all over!!!!

  • I'm hoping to graduate that day also Franny, maybe I should take a trip to Sweden hehe :D xx

  • Franny and spiky. I may graduate the same day as you two as I think I'll be starting my w8r1 tonight instead of tomorrow. I'm doing this so my graduation day will fall on a Sunday rather than a Monday.

  • So best of luck to all 3 of us!

  • Here, here :)

  • Perfect timing indeed, franny. Enjoy ;)

  • All the best Paul. I had a big healthy breakfast for my graduation.

  • Thank you. I may do the same :)

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