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Round the Woods for W8R1

Out for a school Reunion last night staying with family away from home, 5 dogs to walk/swim wasn't looking good for my W8R1 .... but

I did it :) am a happy little Labshack :D

My Mom came with me (well for the warm up walk anyway) she started W1R1 and will probably post as herself. Anyway,

I ran 28 mins in the woods - good job I've walked the dogs through those woods many times as it could have been 1hr 28 mins and it was great!!! FEELING GOOOOD!!!!

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Congratulations Labshack! :)

I can feel your excitement! Sounds like you've got week 8 sorted - not long now... :)


Well done. I can pretty much guarantee that you will feel better after every run, than you would if you hadn't bothered. I've had a few disappointing runs, but I'm always pleased I've stepped out and done what I've done!

:) xx

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I agree. Well done for sticking with it. I was away the other week but I managed to get up extra early and go running. Pleased I did too.

I've not run in woods before. I bet you have to watch where you're putting your feet. Mind you while you're watching your feet you've run into a low hanging branch. Ouch!. LOL Running with five dogs must be a bit tricky too so well done


OOhhhh nnnoooo I didn't run with the dogs - I took them first for just over an hour and then went for a run :)

I did have to watch footing in places which slows down all my averages (pace and speed) but running through the woods is so exhilarating - makes up for it.

Didn't catch any low branches either :)


How lovely! I would LOVE to run through woods...I love woods and cycling through them but nor ran through any. I love the smell of the woods and the noises too. Well done! :D


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