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Firstly hi to all. I have been reading all your posts for weeks and feel as if I know you, you all have given me inspiration over this time. My story is that I am a 55 year old female and an ex smoker, I tried running outside in the summer but hit a couple of windy days and felt after a few yards I was gasping my last breath. I have not had a cig since July, woohoo. I gave up trying to run but then discovered c25k. I decided to go to local gym and went through the program and worked up to 6 k on t/mill running at 8.3 about 42 mins in time and felt exhausted but exhilarated. I also felt this was my limit so was going to stick with that until comfortable with it. A young colleague said I wasn't really a runner as was doing it on t/mill,felt gutted. Anyway to get to the point I have just had the flu/cold from hell which has stopped me running for three weeks and I lost my confidence to go back to gym so I decided to go outdoors in the dark for my first run back. I have gone back to w6 to build myself up again and have been out twice. I love this running/shuffling lark and hopefully will be able to build up/complete this programme again outside so I can turn round to my young colleague and say/shout YES I Am A RUNNER. Sorry all to waffle but just wanted to tell someone


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  • What a mean spirited colleague. Of course running on a treadmill counts - but it is absolutely great to be able to run outside! Hope you enjoy it!

  • Aww heck. Don't listen to that silly person - they have nonsense in their head.

    You're a runner no matter where/how fast/how long/what you look like. Please go back to the gym (if you want to - running outside is pretty fantastic) and know that you're awesome.

  • You show that stupid person. I am 57 and I shuffle along at my own pace. Sometimes I have to use the gym but much prefer outside.

    This morning I did my last run of 2014. I really had to push myself to go out but boy was a I glad I did - it was like running in a sparkly field of diamonds [frosty pavements before anyone thinks I am running in a diamond mine :-)] I am slow, so slow, but the best support I have had is from experienced marathon runners who just want to share their excitement and joy at running.

    We are all runners here. Whether we are fast 20min 5K'ers or slow plodders like me. Your young colleague doesn't know what s/he is talking about.

    Looking forward to seeing your Graduate badge in a few weeks.

  • Junew, well done on carrying on! I am so pleased you enjoyed it. I now love running outside in the dark! And these sparkly frosty times are wonderful. Keep going and keep posting.

  • Why on earth would you care what a young colleague would say - they have no experience - I eat two of them for breakfast except at weekends. Point out to them that the word 'RUN' means 'TO RUN' and that RUNNING on a treadmill means what it says - RUNNING ON A TREADMILL. Then hit them about the head with a rolled up newspaper*.

    I don't run on treadmills because I find them boring and I tend to fall off and because 'outside' has so many wonderful distractions and is always different. But both are challenging in different ways and RUNNING is RUNNING.

    * Use a copy of The Sun as it is both physically and intellectually light :)

  • Well done. It took me a while to accept that I was a runner, a my brain told me if I stopped to walk I was not a runner. It was only when I realised that walking bits was acceptable that I started thinking of myself as a runner - not fast but a runner. Now at 68 I am fitter than I have been for 40 years. Going for New Years Day Parkrun (www.parkrun.org.uk) tomorrow to celebrate :))

  • hey 1st off you are a runner !! ,t/mill or outside :D Like you i am an ex smoker ( will be 1 year in feb 2015) i started the program when i was 56 :D

    This is such an amazing program and everyone here in the forum is so kind/supportive and encouraging but will give you a kick when needed too :D

    So super well done on qbeing a non smoker i knwo how hard that can be :D and well done on being on the program :D stick with it you will be amazed how it will change your life in so many ways :D :D

  • I did most of the programme on the treadmill and only went outside after 9 months. I considered myself a runner when Laura told me which I think is about week 6. You should challenge your colleague and see if he can run on the treadmill for 5 minutes!

    Seriously, just ignore him and be proud of what you've achieved. It's a really big thing

    Happy New Year to you and enjoy your running in 2015.

  • I am pleased to read your post cos it resounds with me. My husband told me that what i was doing was not real running. I was so flaming mad i thought i would show him and make him eat his weasel words. When i calmed down a bit i thought, well how can he know, as he'd never seen me run, neither has your colleague. So, stuff em.

    Your shuffly runs are fine and will take you far. You keep chugging away honey and you'll surprise yourself. I ran a half marathon this year and no-one was more surprised than my husband who was cheering me over the line.

  • Whether indoors on a treadmill or outdoors a run is a run. I much prefer outdoors , though have resorted to treadmills when that's the only way I could get a run in (mainly I am too mean to pay the gym fees plus I knew if I had to make an effort to go somewhere to do the program, it would never happen, whereas there is no excuse if all you need to do is open the door and step outside). Keep up the running outside - not to prove you are a runner, but because you will love it!

  • I was struggling with running continuously outside and used the treadmill at our local gym to increase my stamina. I now do 5Ks and further inside and outside without stopping. A lot of my running problems originated in my head. I am a 55 year old man - ex smoker and my head would say my lungs couldn't cope so stop and walk (and other negative things). I just slowed down a bit on the treadmill and aimed at running continuously and when i could run for 30 mins plus I increased the speed a bit. Before I did the C25K I had ran/jogged for a few years but had never ever ran continuously for anything like 30 minutes - even so I did a 10K in 1 hour 1 minute with running/walking. So - you are a runner and take your time and build up slowly - and don't let anybody (or your head) tell you otherwise.

  • I run on a treadmill now and then... let me tell you... it most definitely is a run!! When I finish, my heart and lungs are going a good'un and my legs feel the workout!! Yes, its a bit different, but nevertheless it is a Run! :-)

    Sounds like you are doing really well... if you want support or help or just a pat on the back... keep coming back here :-)

  • I'm 66 and I did all but the last C25k run on a treadmill. I did my graduation run outdoors, in the early morning darkness. I've done a total of 8 5ks since March. Sounds like you're a runner to me...who cares if it's indoors on a TM or pounding the pavement. Keep up the good work. :)

  • Firstly, well done on giving up the cigs. That's hard enough in it's own right.

    Secondly, well done on your time and distance RUNNING. What on earth did your colleague think you've been doing on that treadmill all this time?? Sounds like running to me! Just hate how an unkind word from a thoughtless mind can have such a negative impact. Glad you're feeling well enough to run again. Happy New Year, happy running and look forward to seeing you graduate :)


    Lots to say, but to sum up...

    Congratulations on being an EX smoker.

    You ARE a runner ~ as far as I am concerned, anyone who sets foot outside of their front door and takes those first tentative steps, IS a runner. Ignore those disparaging remarks made by some...they should know better, or are just envious of your new determination.

    Dreadmill, path or trail doesn't make any difference. YOU are doing it; YOU are getting the exercise; YOU will be fitter, healthier, stronger and more toned. I run outside, but I love the outdoors, I have Dartmoor outside my front door and I don't have a gym within 20 miles.

    Possibly the most important thing you can do this year is to keep all of us here at C25K posted. You will have your ups [which we want to hear about and celebrate with you], and you will have your downs [which we will support you through] - believe me, we have ALL had our downs at times.

    Enjoy your running, listen to your body, and if you can, get out and run outside...try it, even if you find it's not for you. What's more, it will give you a chance to show off your newly toned body to those who said you are not a runner, when you clearly are.

    Run safe, and keep us posted.

  • I think you time is great, well done. Don't take ant notice of negative people. I still do a run walk and am much slower and still consider that I am running. Well done

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