Chariots of Fire! The deed is done!

Chariots of Fire! The deed is done!

Hi everyone,

yes today was the day of the Chariots of Fire race in Cambridge. Thank you for all your supportive messages when I posted that I had been 'volunteered' for it. this was the first 'race' of any kind I have been involved in since starting C25K.

Well, I can't say I wasn't nervous, and also, I can't say I wasn't a little intimidated by the 'serious' runners who were out to win a prize, I was overtaken by many. I have been feeling a bit annoyed with myself as I have graduated and was running 5K regularly, then had foot/heel pain, (mainly due to the support gone in my shoes - new shoes now, but only back up to about 20 minutes running)

However, it was really enjoyable, I am very glad I have done it, the atmosphere and encouragement was brilliant.

I still need to get back to the 5K, but I managed the 2.7K of this race in just about 20 minutes, the whole team (2 teams) had a none too shabby time of 1hour 20 and 1 hour 30 mins (6 runners x 2.7K each).

The main thing is, its for charity. (the winners did it in about 54 minutes - WOW that is serious!)

I will be back to my 5K soon hopefully, and my next goal is the local park run.

I had no idea how excited I would be to get that finishers medal! - My first! For someone who considers herself a non-runner, and certainly not an athlete of any kind, this is just unbelievable.

Thanks for your support, oh and here's a pic, that's me in the glasses with my daughter and husband - yes he was roped in at the last minute for the other team!

As posted elsewhere, C25K is seriously addictive!



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17 Replies

  • That's fantastic Madge! Sounds like a good day for all of you, I love the photo! You should be feeling very proud, well done! x :-D

  • Thank you very much x

  • What a lovely photo Madge. You all look so happy. Great achievement. And you've got a medal! I'm so jealous.

  • Thank you very much, yes I cannot believe how much the medal means, some one has given me something for wobbling my way round the course! Daft really. X

  • Running as a part of a team sounds like fun ! Well done, you all look very happy..

  • Thanks, you know if it wasn't for C25K, there is no way i would have even considered doing it. X

  • OOh Madge, are you in Cambridge? I come from there too, live abroad in Summer, but will be home in a couple of did you find out about this race? I Googled races in Cambridge, but didn't find any....I'm hoping to do the Parkrun when I get home - see you there?

  • Hi Curlygurly,

    Yes, I am just outside Cambridge, The M11 side. Milton park run is the one I will aim for, not ready just yet though.

    The Chariots of Fire race has its own website, , my daughters work (NHS blood and transplant) at Addenbrookes put 2 teams forward and a couple of people dropped out so mum and dad came to the rescue! It's mainly the university and businesses that seem to take part, you do get some locally made up teams too. I think it opens for entrants about May, I bet the places get filled quickly though, there are company's that do it year after year, and have more than 2 teams., there is a fiercely fought inter college cup as well, they are sooooo fast, the first runner actually made it back in 8 minutes. It was good fun though

  • Thanks for getting back to me Madge! Yes, Milton park is the one I will go for too. Thanks for the link too, I've never heard of this race! I'm obviously missing lots of good stuff going on in Cambridge, must get my ear to the ground when I get home!

  • bonfire burn 10k histon nov /cambridge half m march opens next month histon open now

  • Thanks moger, saw the posters for that driving home from chariots. Don't think I'm quite ready for that yet, mind you , I won't say never, it's surprising how you begin to think about 'what next......' After doing an organised event........scary stuff!

  • Are you going for those Moger? Don't think I'm up for those distances yet, but the Half M is tempting... it went pretty much past my house last year and I saw lots of the runners in the Tivoli with their medals afterwards!

  • yes im doing histon and cambridge half i was in the boathouse after last year those were my first 10k and half after doing c25k last year if i find any more i will let you know

  • Moger - do you know about the Town & Gown race coming up soon? I think it's 10K..

  • im running this on the 12th

  • i run past there in the morning nice to see theres a few runners from cambridge on here congrats on the run looks fun

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