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Wk 1 Run 2 in Shocking Pink

I did my first run on Friday, after a game of badminton. Not bad for an overweight 66 year old. I loved the run and felt great. Now for the next challenge. Wear the right clothes. Hubby keeps looking at me and laughing. When I said this is what real runner's wear, he said "I don't think you need to worry about getting run over on the treadmill". I asked if he'd like to join me and he said he might get seasick with the wooden floor going up and down. This running lark might be harder than I thought.

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well done on getting started, the treadmill quip by your hubby made me giggle! you'll be fine keep on going :)


I always run in shocking pink... outside. But that is to make sure I am not mistaken for an elk, especially now the shooting season has started (I live in Sweden).

And I am 62, so go for it, you'll be glad you did in a few weeks when your fitness will have improved so much.

Good luck with the program and enjoy your running!


Thanks - I managed my 2nd run without any problem and the girls in the gym loved the new top.


He he, you sound like many of our old timers on here, you're getting ready to spend lots of dosh on running gear aren't you?


I wont spend the dosh until I can do the 5K. That will be my treat at the end. I already have a pair of trail running shoes I bought a few years ago but never got started, so they'll do for now.

I'm so full of enthusiasm at the moment, and the weather is so good I really just want to go out and run again, but I wont. There must be a good reason for the rest days.


Week 1 Run 2,

Just back from my 2nd run after a day off...the days rest helped & after doing a 12 hour shift yesterday I slept like a up this morning, day off from work I would normally sleep until around 11 if I was not due to work in the evening.

But this morning was different although I felt a bit stiff I decided to do run 2 in Regents Park which is a stones throw from my flat...after the first run guess what?...instead of walking for 90 seconds I carried on running!!!! When I got to the 3rd interval I did walk for 90 seconds I felt great!!!.

After run 2 which I will do again on Saturday I brought a bunch of bananas, water & a prawn they tasted good.

I can already feel the benefits of starting this program.... :-) ;-)

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I've been told that running outside is harder than running on a treadmill. I'll do my last week 1 run tomorrow on the treadmill and then try doing Week 2 outside. Like you I was enjoying it so much I didn't stop at the end of the last running interval but kept going for a bit longer. It was only a couple of minutes but it did feel good.


Love the sound of the shocking pink!


Yeah, love it ! Pink is the new er .... Pink ! Oh you gotta have the Pink :-)

Good Luck and enjoy the programme. Ive never run on a treadmill , well I have once but it wasn't a serious attempt. I much prefer to run outside , nowt better ! :-) xxx


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