Grrrrrrr, Grrrrrrr, Grrrrrrr, Grrrrrrr

That's what Izzie normally says when she is busy tugging one of her 'tug-toys' with me. She loves doing it and shakes whatever it is with great gusto....BUT last night on our walk, she suddenly tugged and over I went when I was standing on loose gravel.

I am now saying 'Grrrrrrrr' because because I am now nursing a sore wrist and ankle, so no running and no cycling.

'Grrrrrr', there I go again.


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21 Replies

  • oh dear! thats not good :( dogs can be really strong and that gravel is dodgy stuff, get well soon..... My George dog sends Izzie a barky telling off message, even though he tugs like a good'un too! :)

  • didn't mean to sound like Izzie meant to get you! She sounds lovely! :)

  • Izzie is WONDERFUL. I didn't take it the wrong way ~ I just managed to miss your post. Getting old!!

    Thank George for me for the telling off of Izzie. Izzie is a mere 10 months old and gets a little excited sometimes. She has taken to running to the front garden gate on the rare occasions someone comes past, having a singele woof and then running in to hide behind our legs! Such a brave hound.

    We will be out again soon on our long Dartmoor walks I'm sure, but the runs may not happen this week. That said she is due to become an 'it' this week, so she will be off her paws as well as me being off my feet.

  • Thought i'd upset you! thats ok then! Issie sounds very cute , all young and enthusiastic! thats a lively mixture of breeds, my old dog was a collie cross :) My George is a noisy jack russell who loves to chase most things/people! he nearly pulled my brother over today on gravel in his keen running up to me whilst he was hanging on to him! Hope you're up and about soon, and she gets on ok this week... :)

  • I'm sure I will be fine. Time is a great healer, and a chance to give Izzie a few cuddle before she sees the V E T. I shan't say the word.

  • good idea! mine been to V.E.T. this week, but his paw chewing has improved so not had to use the dreaded lampshade yet! :)

  • If it happens to Izzie this week [should have been last week, but the vet nurse got squirted in the eye ~ phantom pregnancy ~ and it's been delayed], then I fear a lampshade will be the order of the day. I'd love to see her come running/walking with me wearing one; how to ruin her 'street-cred' in one move.

    How is your running going? Ours is a little on-and-off with the Mrs starting a new term at school. No, I'm not a cradle snatcher ~ she's a teacher!

  • managed first 10k on thurs and 3k today, bit unmotivated this morning! Got a 10k run in Bournemouth on the 4th October, first organised run, so should be fun i hope and get 2 nights away which will be good, have my brother on chief dog- sitting duties! I have sister in law who's a primary school teacher, its a bit of a hectic job to say the least so not surprised you two are strapped for time!!! I'm off for a g and t as weekend treat now then bed! Hope your week goes well and you rest up if you can! :)

    Hope lampshade stays on the table and not on George, can't imagine it will go down well! :X Very not-cool for dogs!

  • Good luck for Bournemouth. A very long time since I was there; in fact it was on business and in my 'courting' days, and we've been married nearly 25 years!! Where did that time go?

    Izzie isn't remotely 'cool', so no probs there.

  • Oh poor and rest and hopefully all OK soon. I assume Izzie is a dog not a human????!!!! Take care :)

  • Oh, how I would love to say she is a human, but she is a 10 month old pooch ~ a sort of black Lab/Cocker/Border Collie cross thingy.

  • Oh no hope it mends quickly

  • Thanks. The wrist i can cope with (the left one, and I'm right-handed), but the ankle.....ouch!

  • :( oh no, more for the injury couch. Hope it gets better soon!

  • Thanks. It could have been worse, I could have landed on Izzie! Poor pooch.

  • Oh you poor thing! I expect Izzie was almost as shocked as you! Rest up :-)

  • Thanks. She was very good on the way home. No tugging, just lots of looking at me as I hobbled and nursed my wrist.

    I'm going for the sympathy vote here....

  • So was she: she could see the end of doggy treats for a while!

  • Doggy treats area thing of the past until she is 'seen-to' on Thursday. Poor her.

    Wrist getting better, and I'm able to wear low heeled court shoes today, so my ankle is getting better.

  • Oh no, Sallly! No running or cycling for a while is not good. Hope the ankle heals quickly.

  • Thanks

    The ankle seems much better, and I can now wear my low heels again!!

    Happy Sally

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