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Week 8 smashed! Gremlins - further own goal :)

Not sure whether it's permissible to be in the smug zone, especially as Vix's Mojo is definitely on holiday with me. However, I'm feeling pretty confidant with my running at the mo. Have managed to get to the gym 3 times this week and have done all 3 week 8 runs, culminating in a new PB today of 3.72km of running.

Vix has kindly said Mojo can stay here til I graduate, then it needs to return to Chile "post haste" for her race.

3 runs left ... who'd have thought that after my ghastly journey this year (week 5 in January!) that I would finally get to this point? "Are you a hero?" Laura's singing buddy asked today. Well I sure feel like it :)

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Oh that's brilliant to hear , well done you :) so so close to your shiny badge ;)


Thanks EJ - can't quite believe it as I think this is the first time since week 5 that I have managed all the runs at the first attempt.

3 runs to go ... eeeeeeek!!! :)


No stopping you now, well done x


Thanks Curly - still can't believe that I'm actually at this point! Will take week 9 very steadily, as I don't want to knock my confidence ;)


Hey, well done!!!!! Really inspiring to hear about your perseverance after January etc & getting your mojo back. Fine line to tread between being proud versus smug, I think my hubbie finds me a bit irritating when I'm on a health kick:) I say be loud & proud, you've earnt it!


Thanks Marly! I'll be proud then :D

PapaMia doesn't run, but does other cardio stuff & weights at gym, and swims too but I have sole bragging rights with regard to running. Don't think he thought I'd ever get this far .... but I have and only 3 runs now til I can apply for my shiny badge. It's been a slog, but been much easier since I found this forum and the wonderful support within it! :)


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