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Stopped running. What a stupid fool I am

The school holidays completely got in the way of my running. I have five children one of which is mentally disabled. Their needs come first and mine second in the holidays. I got out of the routine of my 5k every other day and now feel flabby and demotivated. I am however going out now to see what I'm capable of. Doed anyone else have the same probs in the school hols??

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Wow - no wonder you didn't find time for yourself! Enjoy your run today, and take it nice and slow so you don't strain anything after the break. x


Don't beat yourself up, just take it nice and slow and get back into it ! (I'm in the process of discovering I like running after dark, so maybe next school holidays it might be worth trying a run after they are in bed ?)


I too have find it hard during school hols but for different reasons. Be careful not to think you can pick up where you left off. Take it slow and build up. Injuries happen too easily when we expect too much of ourselves. Good luck and you will be back up to speed in no time!! :) Big respect by the way for your triumph despite your busy life:)


Well I did it. Ran and walked a couple of times for half an hour. Didn't feel as unfit as I thought I might. Really want to avoid having to stop whenever kids of school so will try the dark after all. Thank you for your encouragement. It really helps


I hope you'll get back into things quickly and easily again :)


Crikey, don't be so hard on yourself!

Looking after your kids in the summer holidays doesn't make you a fool!

A lot of us struggle to get time to run, and it sounds like you have more on your plate than most.

I am really glad your run went well. Just grab whatever time you can and try to enjoy it. The fitness will soon come back. :)


I hope you can get back into your running as it will give you much-needed time to yourself. Running time = thinking/daydreaming time, which we all need. As you think/plan/daydream the miles get chewed up without you really noticing where the time went. The run will be over before you know it!

Ok so if you run in the dark you might have to take a tad more notice of what's going on. Wear day-glo reflective stuff to be seen! I got mine cheap as chips from Aldi, so you don't need to spend much

Have a good time out there!


When I run in the dark I:

* wear reflective stuff

* only put one ear of my headphones in so that I can hear traffic and so on (in fact the first few times I ran without anything to listen to, so I could be extra alert to surroundings)

* chose a well-lit busy route (no parks or quiet footpaths, I run on the cycle path along a main road where there is still lots of coming and going)

* take my phone

* tell hubby where I've gone, what time to expect me back and what time to come looking

* pay extra attention to looking at the ground 10 paces ahead, so as not to trip over tree routes

Last night's after dark run was lovely. Everyone's jasmine seemed to be in bloom and it smelled wonderful !


Over the last two and a half years I have run... and then not run... and then run... and then not run :D all for a variety of reasons. Well done for getting back out there - you'll pick it back up again no problems. School holidays change routines for many people and it's hard to adjust, but now you can get back to it. Happy running :)


I did the same thing and I only have two kids! Actually started running less a bit before the holidays when my motivation got a bit lost after graduation and the holidays did it in completely! I am actually really looking forward to getting back out now the kids are back and am planning to go back to the earlier weeks and follow the program me again to help my motivation!

Well done for getting back out there, you should be proud!


I am a Childminder, so am even busier during the school holidays. I managed to build myself up to 13km on 15/7 and then every run I did after that was a struggle, just to get 5km. I had breaks of a week and one 10 day break and I struggled. Managed on 9.6k run after my holiday but had to stop because of a pain in the back of my thigh. Anyway, have tried to be a bit more disciplined and going out every 2nd/3rd day and finally got back to 13k again on Monday (8/9).

Really hoping I can increase to 14k next week.

Overall, just take it slowly and you will get back to where you were


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