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Quicky 2ker :-)

I ran 4k on saturday and because i was early for swimming yesterday i decided to do a little 2k and try to go faster.

Taking onboard peoples comments and thought we'd have a little change. As they say a change is as good as a rest!

Saturday i averaged 7.28 min per km (4k)

Sunday i averaged 7.07min per km (2k)

I know i shouldn't have done 2 consecutive days but i only managed one run in the week (busy week as daughter started school and it was my wedding anniversary) so i thought i sneek in a quick one!! Wish i could average 7.07min per km on my 4k runs. My aim is to get to 7min per km. Think that will be hard enough for me to attain!!

Hope everyone had a great weekend

Happy trails x

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Belated happy anniversary! Be patient, you will almost certainly find that your speed increases especially if you do some longer runs/hill training. After a few weeks/months I bet your times improve. X :-)


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