GNR14 Done!

Well, what an experience!

It was physically hard - the heat was unbearable! And it felt like it was all uphill! AND there was never a space to run, soooo many people! It was awesome!!

They line the streets all the way - crowds of people, cheering you on, handing out icepops, cut up oranges, Haribo sweets and jelly babies. There was plenty of water stations, and lucozade, water tents that you run through and shower you with cool water! Bliss!

Live bands playing, steel drums, soul, rock, even a Buddhist monk with his drum and not forgetting Elvis in his sequinned Lycra bodysuit!

I cried a lot, I was overwhelmed by it all - and at the very last, where you run through a corridor of young soldiers who are all clapping you to the actual finish line, I bawled! It was overwhelming....

I felt exhausted - my legs and toes felt dreadful, I just wanted to collapse. I think I drank too much water, my fingers were all swollen and I only had my normal breakfast and should have had a banana just before as well. Thank God for all those spectators with their sweets and oranges!

I'm fine this morning, a little achy with bruised toes, but mostly I'm proud! Who'd a thought, running for a minute with Laura would lead to running/crawling 13.2 miles!! I'm going to do it next year, and I would recommend all you lovely people think about it too!! You've got a year to train!!

Happy Running all!!

P.s. Almost forgot, my official time was 2h56 and that included a wee stop at the portaloos! Extremely chuffed with that!!


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23 Replies

  • Fantastic result Fantaz! What a lovely post of the day! Hope the toes soon clear up but you must be so pleased with yourself - we are on here for you.

    All the very best for your future runs!

    :) :) :) YAY!

  • Thank you Beek! Was an unbelievable day! :)

  • Yay! Well done Fentaz42 - brave Victorian strong woman ;-) It was hot yesterday and tough going, all you GNR runners were amazing, every last one of you. Wonderful atmosphere, I'm so glad the cheering crowds gave you the buzz to push on- be proud. :-)

    PS I teared up too, and I wasn't even running, just overwhelmed by the spirit of the runners.

  • I really should change that photo ;)

    I had total respect for so many runners. There was army guys in full military gear, firemen in full uniform, all those people on fancy dress - I'm in total awe! Not forgetting the legendary Tony the Fridge! I actually ran beside him for a bit and shouted my support to him, the sweat was dropping off his face! What a fella!

  • I found a blister the size of a planet on my toe when I got home even though I wore a blister plaster. It was too hot wasn't it, I missed the ice pops and oranges, everyone was out the only thing left was biscuits :( seeing the remnants littering the course was killer as I sooooo wanted one :) Don't think I'll put myself through that pain again but I can say I've done it and 10ks are more for me, I'm taking it as a learning curve. Legs aren't too bad either, let's hope it doesn't hit tomorrow!

  • Oh dear! Your toe sounds awful!! It was horrifically hot!

    I missed the ice pops too - I looked at all the empty wrappers and was gutted, but I did get ice cubes, oranges and jelly babies - they all saved me!!

  • I'm sooooo jealous you got an orange! :) half way round where that pub was on the other side of the road a kid was enjoying a coke whilst watching the running and I nearly took it off him! Off to buy myself some double lined socks before my next run. I knew I was at risk of a blister as it always happens in the same place, this one just happened to be a lot bigger than normal and hasn't gone down yet like the training ones! Still we survived and I love the fact I ran it in the millionth finisher year (I was only 120 places late to win that one!)

  • I can recommend Injinji socks for blisters - I asked on here a few weeks ago and they were one of the makes that was highly recommended - I got no blisters! So they definitely work!

    I was about 10/15 mins before the millionth - I was in a daze wandering around when the paper fire works went off ! Haha!

    But yes, we survived it! Go us!

  • Thanks for the sock advice, very much needed! Wasn't too jealous of the lady that won it, all she got was a special medal and a picture of the finish line, jipped I say! :)

  • Congratulations what a fantastic race and achievement.

  • Thank you Vixchile!! :)



  • That's just scratching the surface Mancbird - you should sign up for next year and experience it for yourself, you won't regret it! :)

  • Oh my goodness !! That sounds like a run and a half ! Well done you..

  • Thank you so much Henpen90 :)

  • Oh Fentaz, Congratulations to you, what a brilliant post ! You made me feel as I was there !

    What a fantastic achievement , and well done on your time . Sounds like you had a fab day and you even get to do it all over again next year ! :-D xxx

  • Thank you Poppypug, it was indeed the best day EVER!

    You really get so much more positive out of it than all the negative put together - truly, it was soooo hard physically, but emotionally, it was overwhelming, I can't put it into words! X :)

  • Fentaz what a cracking race report. Very well done. What an achievement, to run so far, and in such a wonderful race. You must be very proud if yourself. No wonder you felt so emotional. Hope your aches and pains feel better soon :)

  • Thank you so much AncientMum! I do feel proud, really proud! And so happy! I do need to do more training as I'd like to enjoy it more the next time though ;)

    I think the night before curry might have to go.... ;)

  • Brilliant work! well done, what a great experience! enjoyed your post, it sounds fab! :)

  • Thanks!

    It was fab aliboo20! Can't wait to sign up for next year!

  • Well done! Such an achievement :) I managed to watch some it on TV before I had to go to work. I find myself in tears and I was watching it! Can only image being there. You did so well. Hope your toes are recovering :)

    Happy running :)

  • Thanks Net68, was indeed an emotional experience!

    Ps. My toes are still knackered ;) x

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