Whoops Apocalypse!

Season 7 Episode 3 is a re-run. A cautionary tale in which our unlikely hero sets off far too fast knocking a whole minute off his immaculate PB for the first km, only to run out of gas and come to a complete standstill. Over the next few kilometres he will have many adventures including a descent into the 'valley of doom' under the haunted pier where he is attacked by the evil gremlins and finds himself in a neck and neck race with a tortoise to save the world.

OR. I became obsessed with Map my run, set off too fast then stopped, then stopped again and shall be re-shooting this episode with an alternative ending and only listening to the delightful Laura and not using MMR until I can comfortably run 30mins a few times.

Having said that it has been a beautiful morning with sunshine and stuff and I worked out on the little oudoor gym by the beach for half an hour after the run and then ran a mile home and was about to have a shower when I realised I hadn't done a warm down so had to re-kit up to go and do that...

I shall post again when I have cracked 7.3 - I just want to be posting on the wk 8 group - they just sound so much more 'grown up and sophisticated' - I must remember slow, slow, not quick, slow.


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19 Replies

  • Tee hee. Good post, even if not a good outcome! Better luck next time.

  • Onwards and upwards and thank you :)

  • Ha ha great post - good for you on the determination front ! Kick it next time :)

  • It will be kicked hard - thank you EJ.

  • Oh Runon, your posts should be bottled and delivered to everyones doorsteps, (bit like a milk round) theyre a right tonic :-)

    Well you've had a right palaver today haven't you ? But fear not, tortoises of the world unite ( I include myself in that ) one day , we shall overcome !

    Pick yourself up, dust yourself down and re-wind , you can do this ! :-) xxx

  • It was a very fast tortoise. But Poppy here's the thing - Obviously my failure to complete was not human error but mechanical failure. So I've been out to buy new running shoes - what a shock I had - seems my old shoes were really more suited to an industrial site and weighed more than me. The new ones feel like they've little wings on them. So in the shop they wanted to analyse my gait - images of Sigmund Freud talking to my front gate flowed in and out of my mind but then they put me on a running machine (I have not been on one for some time and then only briefly) so when the nice lady shouted stop I pressed the stop button but failed to hold it 'stopped' and thought the machine would slow down on its own. Well I slowed down but the machine did not and I ended up in an inelegant pile on the floor. I am unharmed but my air of sophisticated aloofness has taken a dent. Today has not all in all been a good day for running - but on the bright side I now have a pair of flourescently bright, light as a feather, go faster running shoes that do not look as if they have been designed to give Tom Cruise extra lift.

  • Ha ha Runon, I think today should be chalked off, 7th September 2014 ? No , it never existed , there wasn't one this year , uh uh no way. :-)

    I have exactly the same fear of treadmills, I am like someone off " You've Been Framed " on one. Used one a coupla times, never again. I just cant get the hang of 'em for some reason .

    Don't worry , you are still a very refined , dignified gentleman to us , your friends.

    Oh and you got new shooooos , oh I do love shooooos, Hubba hubba , come to Mommee :-) xxx

  • Indeed - new shoes - yes - they have 30 minutes written all over them - I also have a gait but was not charged for this. Do not get over-excited about shoes again - you know what happened last time. I saw a treadmill in a Victorian Prison once - it is funny how they have gone from machines of punishment to things we pay to use!

  • Ha ha , and they threw in a gait as well ? Where did you go ? Is it a swinging one or a rusty squeaking one ? Maybe they are clearing the shelves making way for new stock for Christmas ?

    Ha ha they would have to pay me to use a treadmill again :-)

    Errrr , you wont tell anyone about what happened last time when I got too excited over new shoos will you, promise ? :-) xxx

  • Our secret Poppy :)


    '51 Shades of Running Shoes - The Adventures of Poppy Pug' by Runon is published by Harper Collins Monday 8th September - Price £7.99.

  • Ha ha ha ha :-D . Oh Runon, you are full of devillment that's for sure !

    Oh I may hit the Non Fiction Best Sellers List at this rate . I can see it now, the frenzied crowds when I turn up to do book signings a la Katie Price.

    I think she did hers at Asda, I will aim higher, I am going for Farmfoods and throwing in a bag of Turkey Twizzlers and Battered Onion Rings with every book purchased :-D xxx

  • Harrods for you Poppy - KP is simply not in your league.

  • Oh I do like you Runon, what a very lovely, kind man you are , thankyou :-) * Blush * xxx

  • I have such a wonderful vision of you hurtling off the back of the running machine! Thanks - you've made my day!

  • Well at least something good has come out of it :) - It was quite funny actually even from my perspective on the floor!

  • Not a great day by the sound of it! Still, with new shoes you will smash the run next time. Remember, slow and steady is the C25K mantra . Plenty of time for speed later.

  • Hi Ullyrunner - ah it's days like this that make the good days so much better. In truth I need to focus a little more - today was a perfect running day, so no excuses, and physically I know I can do it because I've done it before - twice in fact - so it's all in the mind - better take my psychoanalyst with me next run :)

  • I'm giggling here, but I know it's not funny, my shoelaces came undone once and I was jet-propelled off the end of the treadmill, nearly taking out several people on rowing machines working out behind me....it was hysterical but it really hurt! Carpet burns all over and holes in my clothes...

  • "Carpet burns all over and holes in my clothes..." _ Dangerous things these treadmills!!! I just got a bruised thigh. I don't like treadmills - Map My Run does not work on them very well and I feel like a hamster. Of course in the depths of winter I may change my mind if it's that or wearing tights! :)

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