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week 10

week 10

afternoon campers just a little update for last had a couple of nice interval/fartlek runs and a long run on sunday of 15 mile s over run by 20 min s because i ran too far from home was 2 and a half mile from home so i carried on change my route and headed out of the city and took in the local villages great run and kept to my pace 8.30 mins so thats 169 miles for august and my shoes are up to 460 miles since may love my new balance they have served me well best £40 ive spent ,i will have get some new one s before royal parks for training and wear nike free for the race next month we should find out the ballot results for london if im not lucky i shall run brighton instead hip seems ok aches now and again so leg raises and a few exercises but have booked the gp for next week just in case and maybe the good doctor can help me somedays it flares up and some its ok but no pain when running just tender a bit after not a main problem yet worries me a bit though birthday on 15th and that will be a year since i started this time flown and so has the miles but more important is the change of life and diet next year full marathons and see where that takes me .

this is summer my niece summer she was 5 on sat she goto lead the local team out she has had hirschspungs disease since birth and was in hospital for the first seven months of her life this young lady imspires me to run after everything she s been throught looking to run brighton for her ,she was most upset when we told her she couldnt play in the match bless her happy running all

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Bless her little heart. She looks so proud!

Sounds like you're doing really well, Moger. 15 miles in one go and 169 miles in a month. You're on a roll there, mate! Keep on keeping on. You inspire me :)


Hi Moger

Still busy running as ever. Still enjoying it too by the sounds of it

Your niece looks to be enjoying herself there Moger. Very confident looking little lady she is!

Happy running!


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