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No more running for a while :(

It's really depressing. While doing sprint intervals the other week I hurt my back. It has got progressively worse. I eased off for the last couple of weeks, for the last week doing nothing and it is still sore.

I visited an osteopath and she says the running combined with the large amount of weight loss has resulted in my posture changing, I am hunching forward because my spine has adapted to having a large amount of weight on its front and it's no longer there.

She says running too fast has aggregated the situation.

I really really miss doing it, and it feels all the effort to get to this point was wasted.

Has anyone experienced an extended absence, say six to eight weeks? How much did it impact at your fitness? Will I barely be able to run sixty seconds again?

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Heres wishing you some rapid healing and re-balancing Any chance of you taking up a pilates class to help with that? Is brisk walking still an option ...perhaps you could try Nordic Walking

Write yourself a diary entry on how good it felt graduating and running so that when you are allowed to start again you will remember what you are trying to recapture.


I think you should treat yourself to a copy of Women's Running - there is an article about getting back to running after an injury break and it says even with a break of four weeks or more (up to two months) your fitness loss is minimal. I know it is frustrating but it is good news that your problem is because you have lost so much weight. Good luck and keep blogging with your progress.


That's exactly what I was gonna refer to! I love that magazine, and i subscribe to it as a bit of a guilty pleasure! keep thinking they will find out i'm not a 'proper runner' :)


Check with your osteopath first, but I think Yoga or pilates would help - both will strengthen your core and stand you in good stead for when you can start running again. Good luck !


That's intersting because I have a bad back off and on, and since my 10k race it has been really bad. I think long slow half marathons might be more my style!

Getting to this point has not been wasted. It will take time but you won't be going back to week one. Keep blogging because it is always helpful for others to learn how to cope with bad backs etc. Have you got any medication from the doctor?


I had about 4 weeks off due to an unfortunate series of accidents/illnesses and found I could do 5k no worries just had to go slower and work back into it. Best of luck.


I would like to thank you all for your suggestions and comments. The osteopath did suggest pilates and walking. She isnt a fan of treadmills she said that because they are flat you dont get to work out the core and parts of your body needed for balance.

It is good to know i wont end up a beginner again. I might have even lost a bit more weight by the time i restart. Here's hoping my back improves quickly.

( i really enjoyed the sense of completion from c25k, i miss it right now, i feel like a blob)


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