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Wk5 day 3... Smashed it!!

I was really apprehensive about the 20 minute run after taking a walking break during the first 8 minute walk yesterday, and I thought it was far too soon to be running for such a long time and was convinced I'd get bored and give up.

Alas, I put on my trainers this evening and stepped out for a run in the dark (that'll be summer over then). The first few minutes were definitely the hardest, and I thought I'd struggle not hearing Laura reassuring me, but I made a point of congratulating myself after each song on my playlist. "That's another 2-3 minutes done!"

After about 6 or 7 songs I realised I hadn't heard from Laura at all the whole time I'd been running, and assumed I must've just been a minute away from the halfway mark, so I had a peek at my phone and almost stopped dead in my tracks. "16 minutes to go". But I'd run for at least a mile, how had that only been 4 minutes?!

I went back through my playlist and counted up how long each song lasted for and estimated I'd been running for about 15 minutes!!!!

Nevertheless, I kept going right until the end of the podcast, forgetting the little glitch, and totally smashed it!!!

No idea if I'd accidentally paused it or if there's something wrong with my app, but I must've been running for about 30 minutes in total!!

Just goes to show that it really is more of a mental challenge than physical at this point.

Chuffed to say the least!!!

I'm off to rest my legs and get ready for upping my speed over the next few weeks :)

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Hi - if you're using the app rather than the podcast then yes - it is faulty , I found this out round about the same point and switched to the podcasts :)

Good effort on mind over matter !!


Aw no, that's a pain.

Are the podcasts easy enough to get working on your phone?

I'll either use them or just set a timer for myself on the next few big runs.

Thanks for the heads-up! :)


Oh yeah I use them on the phone , if it's an iphone via iTunes if not then via podcast app :)


Fantastic and you certainly should be 'chuffed' :) That's a big hurdle overcome so well done and good lick for the rest of your c25k :)


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