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6.2 - How did that happen?

Given that in Wk 1 I felt pushed to my limit, it's amazing how that limit has moved. Today wasn't easy and yet it wasn't that hard and on the second 10 mins I actually felt I had found a rhythm and for the first time didn't feel out of breath at the end BUT... my calf muscles started to feel like lead - maybe that's always been the case and I hadn't noticed because I was more worried about the breathing :) Either way I just can't believe how good this programme is - it has probably saved or extended many people's lives let alone bringing a sense of well being and renewed confidence - someone or some people deserve a medal for this! :)

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Yes, it's all about that limit moving as you get fitter/faster. Can become a bit of an obsession once you graduate, but many of us just settle into feeling content with being able to go out and run, which is in itself quite an achievement.


You are so right, when I started all (!) I wanted to do was run for half an hour. Now I can do that I am peeking at programmes to get me to 10k. Just at the peeking stage you understand, from the couch :)

Keep shifting those goalposts!


Rushing about yesterday I ran up a steep, stepped slope and it was only when I got to the top I thought 'I'd have been out of breath doing that 7 weeks ago. It hit me then that my general fitness really has improved. I think the programme is fantastic & well done on 6.2.


Many thanks - talking of slopes, it's really flat around where I live - at least I thought so until I started running - now I seem to notice even the tiniest gradient and at the end of a run it can seem like a mountain, so I'm now planning my route so that they always finish on the flattest of the flat bits!


Well done on reaching w6r2.

Concerned about your calves. Are you doing any stretching after your runs? It does help... you can look at some suitable stretches on this website.

Good luck for the rest of the program.


Many thanks FrannyFran :)


Oh well done. I think you're over the toughest weeks. don't forget to stretch afterwards and maybe invest in a foam roller for extra deep massaging. You can also use a rolling pin for your calves. Just sit down and run the pin up and down your calves.

And yes I agree this is a fantastic programme.


Hello Runon, lovely post :)

Well done for completing w6r2; and feeling a breathing rhythm while your running!

Hoping your calves have recovered by now? Reversing your run sounds very sensible - some inclines are felt but not seen :)

I totally agree with you that running is life changing and so is this programme; it won't be long now before you graduate and earn your your shiny new badge!

Have a great day and rest before your last run of week 6 - we're right behind you :)


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