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Birthday - yikes

Just completed R3 of W2 this morning. This week I was joined by my lovely daughter for all 3 runs and I celebrated my birthday yesterday too. So a pretty good week as it goes. I'm going to have a 2 day break so I can run on Mon, Wed and Fri next week and then have the weekend off again as will be travelling down to Kent for a wedding. I hope my LD will join me again next week. That's the plan anyway. She's 12 and although this morning she was somewhat reluctant to go she did agree when we got home that it wasn't so bad after all. Me on the other hand am a red faced, sweaty mess but happy, so happy. I have decided that I am going to do my utmost to complete this plan this time. It's really important for my future well being, health and happiness and I have also decided that if possible I want to take part in the River Severn river swim next August. I think they only do it once a year but I'd love to take part. Oh and the other thing I want to do is start to take part in the Park Runs recently organised here in Shrewsbury. A lot of my friends do the Park Runs and that would certainly be something to aim for. But the first hurdle is doing this plan in its entirety. So from me and LD - we hope you keep us company on this journey. SB x

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Happy belated birthday SB, well done on completing week 2 along with your running daughter! You are doing so well -

YOU'VE DONE ANOTHER WEEK and you've planned week 3 and 4 around busy weekends - we are all still here and supporting you - keep it up :)


Great stuff SB Happy Birthday. Totally agree this programme will do you a power of good. Good luck


You keep going til the end of the runs and don't quit. We won't let you. If you need a kick up the arris we'll give you one

You know it makes sense!


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