It's my 60 & a halfth birthday.. And my graduation day!

I haven't posted much but have loved this forum and joined in us all supporting each other in spirit. So hope you don't mind me announcing IVE DONE W9R3Nowhere near 5k but that's my next goal, plus repeating 30 mins til it feels easier!!!Today I just went from the front door instead of driving off to a secluded lane, started down a hill ( now, that was lovely, will remember that tactic) then flat running along town centre river paths and cycle ways ( also school kids who were vocal in their encouragement , not! but ignored their jibes and focused on Laura) Suddenly it was only 10 mins to go and my Hannibal Lecter breathing was sustainable, so I upped the pace ( undetectable to all but the finest scientific instruments) and made it to the end.So happy, so grateful to NHS and this forum and so transformed from quitter being my middle name to RUNNER!

Yay. Happy Runs to all. ( the right sort obviously) xxx PS Hannibal Lecter breathing is my way of trying to breathe in through my nose. it feels less panty if I manage at least part mouth closure, and much less dry mouth.

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  • Congratulations .... well done ;)

  • Thank you Folliegirl

  • Well done jaqs99, that's brilliant. I can't breathe through my nose at all when I'm running. I know Laura says that you shold - but sod it, you do what you can don't you?!! But MASSIVE congratulations on graduating today.

  • Thank you Dan. Most kind. I think any breathing is to be welcomed as an achievement.. well done you too.

  • Congratulations!

  • Thank you anadelsur. :)

  • Jaqs well done! been wondering what you've been up to. That's fantastic. I agree re the breathing, its so hard to get it to feel right! Enjoy your running x

  • Thank you NoExcuse. I ve been lurking but taking a couple of weeks at each stage and always at least 2 days between runs. Congrats on your own graduation.

  • Haha Jaqs, that's exactly how I run/breathe; there's an increased risk of mosquito/fly ingestion, but I am far more comfortable that way! Many congratulations, and what an incredible achievement! :)

  • Ah thank you Treemouse. Glad to hear I'm not alone in the hissy breathing.. I keep my teeth together to catch the flies before they go any further!

  • Well done, Jaqs! this made me laugh, as I was once the proverbial Old lady who swallowed a fly - while running! Soon figured out that teeth closed was a good plan!!

  • Hee hee. Thank you cheery runner. That's why we don't smile much either, the only reason obviously. Happy fly free running .

  • Wowee Congratulations. You are an inspiration to those of us still in the middle of the program.

  • Thank you beforefifty. Keep on running.

  • Congratulations! I bet you feel amazing.

  • Thank youuu Ullyrunner. I do feel amazing... Especially now my shiny badge has arrived since I last looked on here!!!! Can't believe it's me.

  • You are an inspiration to us all. Fantastic achievement and a very Happy Birthday ! :-) xx

  • Thank you poppypug. Good luck with the rest of the programme. Enjoy.

  • Thank you KittyKat. Looking forward to seeing your graduation post soooon. Still buzzing here.

  • it is amazing what us oldies can do nowadays, i know how you feel i am 62 this year and gained my grad badge a few weeks ago and i love love love the fact that i can RUN!!!!!

  • Thank you careof. Wow well done you! Well done us Runny Sixties. How are you doing post grad? What's your routine now if you don't mind me asking

  • i run 3/4 times a week and try to complete 3miles each time, sometimes i am a tad under sometimes just over. I have entered a local fun run for this month which is for 5k which is why i aim to do the 3miles each time i run as that is almost 5k i have been told. I have been out this morning and it has taken me 40mins 19secs to complete the 3miles i would love to be able to complete the run in 40mins or just under so i will persevere and try and do that. After the run i will just plod along doing my runs for 3/4 times a week and see where they lead me!!!! lol.

  • Wow that's impressive amount of running. I haven't actually measured my distance in 30 mins, enough effort to keep going that long, but guess it's about 3K. May start measuring stuff now. Good luck with your run :)

  • oh thank you so much, i will try to remember to let you know how it goes. I checked the long range weather fore cast for my area this morning to find out the day before it is expected to be 26degrees

    Hope it is not that hot the next day when we run!!!! lol

  • hi Jaqs991 thought i would update you on my run yesterday, it was brill but hard work in the heat i finished in 42mins 11secs not the fastest but certainly not the last!!! Now i have a recorded time for 5k i will try and get this down. Hope all is going well for you with your running.

  • Hi Careof. That's brilliant. Great stuff especially in the heat. Very impressed!

    I'm nowhere near that standard. I've done several repeats of Wk9 r3 and now have a garmin. My last 3 runs I've stretched time to 33 mins and the distance is 3.8 k! So really really slow! But I'm sticking with it and enjoying knowing Ill probably improve. Well done again ... Xx

  • slow but sure you will get there in the end and if you don't manage 5k it is not the end of the world, you are up out and running for 30mins and being active. Well done you.x

  • Well done Jaqs99! And thanks for the encouragement - I'm 4 runs behind you now :)

  • Thank you. Good for you secret jogger. Hope the rainy run was fun!

  • Great work Jaqs99! you should feel really proud of yourself, your graduation badge looks GREAT!!! :)

  • Aww thanks Aliboo. How's your graduate running going?

  • Bit up and down! did manage 2x 6 k last week though, but have only done the stepping stone podcast out of the 3 new ones so far. Downloaded the b210k podacasts but wasn't too keen on them, though did use their concept of 4x 10 min runs with 1 min walks inbetween on Sunday, so may follow the plan just with my own music and garmin timings! its all a learning curve! :) Well done again!

  • Sounds good Aliboo. Ooh Garmin, sounds like a potential graduation treat mebbe! Kept saying I don't care about distance or speed but just time moving.. But it is tempting to start caring.. Hmmm. Good luck with this weeks outings. X

  • they are a great piece of kit! good for motivation!! and its good seeing your route on a map too! :)

  • Well done Jaqs99. I used to chuckle when I saw your sideways picture. Now you are a runner. You must be delighted.

  • Thanks Tinyrun. The sideways picture is an accident but I decided to keep it ( don't actually know how to change it!) How's your running going post grad?

  • Yes I remember you asking about it, but I think it's a great pic. Erm, well it's going very slowly. Have started attempting to do the Bridge to 10k. Again! It has walking breaks, but I take longer on the breaks then they suggest. Look at you with your badge!

  • Yea. Loving the badge. Yours looking good too :) Good luck with Bridge to 10 k. Can't imagine 5k yet! X

  • Nor can I. Keep thinking of sticking to doing 5k as even that's hard. Onwards and upwards Jaqs99.

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