Well, this is me, 40 something with three children, the only exercise I have done in the past 25 years is a bit of cycling with the children, being really unfit I thought it was time to do something about it but I didn't have a clue where to start. The ending of my old blackberry phone contract has led me to a bright shiny iphone and this brilliant app!

I decided to take the plunge whilst away camping on holiday, completing W1 in sunny Suffolk running round the fishing lake, W2 was daunting, just the thought of running in my village where people who knew me might catch a glimpse of me running was almost enough to put me of along with the fact that I had a horrible head cold however, with two rest days in between each run I completed W2 and tonight I have just completed W3R1, feeling very proud of myself especially as the first 3min run ended up being on the part of the course that was uphill! Still don't see how I will ever manage 20 mins let alone 30 mins but I have every faith in Laura seeing me through it.


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15 Replies

  • Welcome !! You'll love it , we all do.

    Slow and steady is the trick :)

    Enjoy !

  • Welcome aboard! As Ejbirdy said - "you'll love it"... slow and steady is the way to go... you don't have to run fast, you just have to run! And enjoy it... :)

    Keep us up to date - we're nosy like that... :)

  • Welcome Karin- what a great decision you have made! The programme is fantastic and there are so many positive benefits from running. Stick with the programme, take things steady and take your rest days. You will soon become addicted if you're anything like the rest of us! X :-)

  • Brilliant work KarinB!!! sounds like you're doing great! don't look too far ahead, everyone worries about that first 20 mins but it really IS achievable!!!!!!!! well done on your progress and welcome to the forum! :)

  • Welcome aboard!!! and well done for getting off that couch and starting this wonderful course! I was very self conscious in the beginning - but remember.... what you do think when you see another runner? Good for them? Wish I could do that? Guilt? All of the above were my thoughts, so be proud of yourself and you will soon love it! I promise!! Good luck :)

  • Yep she will! Stick with her through thick and thin! Don't worry about weeks to come. Just concentrate on the run you are about to do. Finish it. Hurray! Tick. Move on. If you stay slow, a slow jog is all that's required, then you'll finish this thing in one piece

    Good luck. There are people here on the same week as you so you'll be able to compare notes

  • Welcome aboard, karin :) I think most (all?) of us felt the same way when looking ahead at the 20 and 30 minute runs. The program works and builds you up gradually. Believe in it and believe in yourself. You'll do it :)

  • Thank you everyone, it's good to know that others are going through the same trepidation. Onwards and upwards........slowly!

  • Fab stuff Karin, youre well on your way now :-) Worry ye not, we are with you every step of the way :-) Keep posting with your progress , it really does help. Good Luck ! :-) xxx

  • Hi there! Sounds like you are doing really well - trust in Laura and you'll see it through and be amazed at how far you come. Be warned though - it is addictive!

  • Well done Karin - sounds like you're doing just fine! Keep listening to Laura and keep posting - we'll all be here to encourage/pick you up (virtually, of course)/cheer at the right times. Don't worry about what others think - they're all wishing they were running too! Xx

  • Hi there I am at same point as you... Going to do week 3 run 2 either tonight or tomorrow night, work depending. I was so proud when I did the 3 minutes run! Also apprehensive about the rest of the week but hoping that the next two week 3 runs will really build my stamina. I never thought I could run (albeit like a snail!!) for 3 minutes so I think it's a great achievement - and will watch out for your progress as well over the next few weeks

    Good luck xx

  • Hi KB,

    hope you don't mind but now that you are nearly a third of the way through C25k I've rewritten your introduction to read

    ..... Well, this is me, 40 something with three children, on my way to being a runner!

    Congratulations - you should feel extremely proud! :)

  • Hi Karin and welcome! Don't worry about your neighbours will think. I live and work in the same village (where work is the local high school!) and when I've run outside during afternoons, I've often bumped into students - I've not heard ant rumours at school about how much of a beetroot I looked!!!:D You're getting out there and making a difference to yourself!

    Good luck, and don't forget to keep popping back to let us know how you're progressing!

  • Welcome! Congratulations on getting so far - keep coming back here for advice and encouragement - it's invaluable! ​

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