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Week 2 done :) and my magic pacing trousers!

Hello again everyone, hope all is well :)

Just completed week 2 run 3 and I'm feeling great so I'm having a gingerbread man with my post run brew today!

I've been reading posts and taking people's advice as I was a little nervous about increasing the running intervals this week. I did run 1 first thing Friday morning. I had planned to go out Thursday evening to the point where I'd fed and bathed the kids early, and put my trainers on etc, waiting for hubby to come home. However the rains came - and it was torrential. It was really heavy and continued for hours. I'm not adverse to a bit of drizzle, but there was no way I was going out in this so I eventually gave up and set an early alarm for the next day. This was a revelation to me - my first pre-breakfast run! I was groggy for about 10 seconds and then felt great all the way round although I did feel more tired later in the day.

Run 2 was on Sunday. It was damp and windy but I enjoyed my run and felt like I was beginning to recover better between intervals. I've also got my stretching figured out and I'm not aching or sore at all now which is a great motivator.

Run 3 was due this morning and I knew that my biggest hurdle to overcome is pacing - I've been running too fast, and whilst I can cope with the early weeks I know I need to slow down in order to keep making progress. So, with the best of intentions I did my 5 minute warm up walk and then... set off like a train again - doh! However, the difference today was me wearing some different trousers which started to fall down as I ran. When the first 90 seconds were over I was pulling them back up, re-clipping my mp3 player on, grumbling, and vowing never to wear them again. When the second interval came round something clicked and I managed to run a bit slower. My trousers stayed up, I was comfy and I cracked my pacing problem! :) For the rest of the run I kept at a much better pace, and definitely feel like I could tackle week 3 now. The trousers can stay.

Enjoy your running :)

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You'll soon be getting so slim that you'll have to ditch those trousers. slow and steady is definitely the way to success!

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Oh dear, trouser malfunctions! I think we've all been there. We told you to be slow!

You'll sort it Atomic, so don't worry. Your next one will be better. I say that about all my runs. LOL


Nooooooooo! I need my magic trousers to run at the correct pace!

Yes yes to the slow and steady mantra - I've known it all along but have only just cracked it today. :)


Ha ha!


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