Couch to 5K

Battle dog did his first park run. Erm I probably shouldn't have gone out today and I need new trainers

So I decided that I would do the parkrun after all despite going out and almost running 5k yesterday.

I got stressed getting to the venue as although I'd been before I wasn't 100% sure I could remember how to get there, not a problem I thought, I have my trusty garmin (car sat nav not a funky forerunner 10). My trusty garmin had a complete hissy fit and crashed :'( hoping it just needs an update or even maybe a factory reset then uplate, I would be lost without my garmin, literally, I'm quite often lost with it but it gets me to places and more importantly I need it's guidance to get to the farm for a bale of hay, the battle bunnies will soon be hungry.

Anyway despite the loss of my directional guidance I found it ok. Ferd and I started our walk to the start. I was getting paranoid about being late. So I walked pretty fast (a bit too fast) and then jogged a bit and surprised a man having a cheeky wee.

Phew made it, just enought time to put on running belt and fiddle with the phone to get the zombies running and the gps tracking going.

And we're off.

Ferd and I had positioned ourselves right at the back, just ahead of the two that were walking but behind all the runners, I also had Ferds shorter lead. Ferd wanted to race off at the start but he did really well at listening to me. All the front runners were off and soon it was just a few of us taking it easy (or not so easy, but you know slow) I was keeping pace with someone for a while but then they sped up and I was left behind a dad and son combo, the boy was running and walking with his dad encouraging him all the way, I passed them at one point but it was too late the gremlin in my head decided walking was better than running. I slowed to a walk. I have to say it was the right decision as I could feel a little pain breathing, I think my ribs are a little inflamed again, that or it's the hayfever, but the pain feels more like my ribs. It's nothing to worry about, it's because I have ME, I really shouldn't have gone out today.

We finished the course with alternating run and walk, no plan just ran when I felt I could, picked up the pace if I could and walked when I needed to and still I completed 5k in 41 minutes and 58 seconds which is only a minute and a few seconds over my first parkrun time, so I am actually pretty pleased.

I have also come up with a parkrun reward system:

Do parkrun = 1 iced bun

Do parkrun and run the whole way = 2 iced buns

Do parkrun and get PB = 3 iced buns

I really like iced buns so to reach the goal of being able to scoff three is pretty good incentive :D

But my poor ickle feet. The anti blister socks and body glide are helping but there is no getting away from the fact that my trainers aren't wide enough. They were ok when I was starting out, but now I am running longer, it's getting warmer, I run through puddles and it's taking it's toll on my feet. I am having to use blister plasters to help prevent too much damage being done. I've always had probems with my feet and I've always struggled to find trainers that are wide enough so I think it might be time to pop along to my local sweatshop store and get some gait analysis and advice on trainers that will help prevent my feet becoming a mangled bloody mess (and then see if I can find some more stuff to sell on ebay to pay for a new pair).

Oh and there were zombies :)

I now feel pretty rough and the rest of my day is going to be spent in bed and chanting rest days are there for a reason, you should know that better than most.

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Oh yes, the buns! Have a good rest, hope you'll feel better and well done anyway!!!


Thank you


Ah yes, the intercostal pain!

Really sorry about the blisters. The only time I ever get them is if I am tempted to run in running shoes but no socks or trainer socks (too low for me) I have some men's Puma recycled quarter socks and I find those really good for warm weather as they are thinner.

What, I may ask, does Ferdinand get for his Parkrun?


Ferd got to lick the dinner the plates


Iced buns!! Yummm. Hope you feel better soon :)


Thank you


Oh poor Spoonie! I have feet like Pingu, and so I run in men's running shoes. They are so much more comfortable than the narrow ladies ones, and they have the benefit of not being pink and girlie (which I hate!)

The iced bun reward scheme sounds like a brilliant plan, although my vice would be a pint of real ale! I'm such a lady!

Now do please rest and listen to that body of yours, that's an order.

Ferd, make sure she stays put, and no zombies! Big hugs and a virtual foot spa coming your way :)


I like pink :D I'd not thought about men's shoes it's certainly something to check out when I know just what sort of trainers I should be getting. I've had no other problems with mine so I must have picked reasonably well.

Ummm real ale is the best, sadly my body doesn't always process alcohol so I mostly avoid it now :( some days I can have a half (it's been too long since I drank pints in my younger days) and then somedays the mearest sip will have me violently sick.

I am resting and the virtual foot spa was lovely thank you :D


Oh Spoonie, my heart goes out to you :-) Your poor feet, my feet are a really weird shape, I have toes like mini sausage rolls, ( so I have been told ) and if your feet are giving you a load of grief it can really throw you off kilter .

Well done on your ParkRun, sounds like Ferd had a good time too :-)

I am going to forge, I mean write a sick note out for you , take a couple or more days rest Missus, that's an order :-)

More Iced Buns are called for , I think !

Take care and hope you feel better soon :-) xxx


Sausage roll toes!? I have high arches and as such it means my feet are a pain and even more of a pain as the arches are falling and my surgical supports don't fit in ladies shoes so I gave up with them. Why the NHS can't make the supports smaller I will never know, as I have seen some that are pretty much a just a stap around your foot in the right place, no added baulk, trouble is being an off the shelf option they are not moulded to your own feet, but I digress. High arches means wide fitting shoes are required apparently, I've been googling trainers a fair bit, who knew there were so many different types!?

Are the extra iced buns an offical order?

I am resting and being good.


Well done, Spoonie. Despite your pain and discomfort, you got round and were eligible for a delicious iced bun! Well done to your fine self and Ferd. :-) When you do your 50th and get your tshirt, you'll have to get Ferd his 50th run neckerchief, like I saw on a dog earlier!

Hope you feel loads better soon! :-) Hope the iced bun helped you feel even a little bit better.

Your naughty sat-nav, behaving like that! I hope it is recovered soonest. Mine threw a dicky fit whilst driving through London City a few weeks ago; most bloody inconvenient that was!

Happy resting, well done to you and Ferd, and get well soon!


I know about the t shirt, I started plotting to get to the magic 50 before I'd even done my first park run. 48 more to go for me and 49 for Ferd, I doubt Ferd will come on every parkrun outing so I will have to remember to keep a tally of his runs and then make him a bandana when appropriate :)

I think iced buns are the most perfect post run recovery food, I can't eat bananas so it's such a shame that I will have to stick to iced buns :D

Fingers are crossed for the sat nav, but first I need to find a cable to connect it to the computer.

I am resting :)


Mmmmm, iced buns!

Like Treemouse and you, I've got wide feet as well, also like you my first trainers were ok until it got warmer and I was running further. When I got new ones I asked for wide ones, the wider the better, poor shop lady brought some out, saying these will be too wide, they weren't, when she checked the fit she confessed that any narrower and they'd be too tight. So I've got men's trainers, in a size bigger as well, my feet are a size 5 and men's shoes don't usually go down that far. Lovely and comfy though, plenty of room for my feet!


I'm a size 5.5 but mostly wear a 6 as many places don't do half sizes, but my current trainers are a 6.5, I knew they needed to be a little bigger for running than if I was just walking.

I hadn't thought about men's trainers. I have been googling and some brands do have wide fit selections (at a cost obviously) but I will go get proper gait analysis so I can make an even more informed choice about my next pair of trainers.


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