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W2 R3 complete, at long last my knees did not feel like they were with me the whole time. I was a little anxious about running today, as for some unknown reason I have had a touch of vertigo yesterday and today. I have found it hard to balance due to feeling dizzy. I did start taking vitamin D and cod liver oil tablets yesterday but I doubt that is the cause but you just never know.

Anyway once mentally passed that I decided to give it ago and yippeeee I did it, not onc did I feel off balance or dizzy. Although now home I'm all over the god damn place. Ha ha hopefully by Monday it will have settled a little ready for me to challenge W3 R1 ;-)

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Were you running on empty? Make sure you have your meals as normal and then wait for 60 - 90 mins before going for your run, that way you won't feel lightheaded.

Well done on getting those all-important first runs under your belt. Just do each run in turn, tick it off and rest up ready for the next one

Good luck!


I had water before hand but no food as I did not want to wait a hour or so. I ate a banana once home which I do after most runs and water. I'm hoping it's just a touch of vertigo as I've experienced it before and the symptoms are the same.

Thank you. Those first two weeks were tough but I feel good for completing them all be it knackered afterwards ha ha.

I have two days rest now ready for W3 R1 ;-)


You can't run your car on empty. Just something to put a lining on your stomach, such as a glass of milk, would be better than nothing. As you run further it might become more of an issue

Enjoy your rest day!


Yes I agree, i have started eating more healthier. Which I feel better for. I have a nice two days off now and getting some new trainers ready to challenge W3 R1 on Monday ;-)

You too have a good day ;-)


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