Struggling with week 8

I'm stuggling with week 8 - I set off yesterday and got so tired physically and my calves and shins tightened up that I had to walk a few times - boohhoooo. Having another go on Thursday x


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16 Replies

  • Slow down on your runs, slow jogs are all you need. When you slow down you will be more relaxed and hopefully your calves will follow suit.

    Are you doing any other exercise? Walking, cycling, swimming, strength training at home or the gym really helps build up fitness to sustain our running legs. I felt my body needed toughening up as I was just a wobbly jelly when I started on C25k so I bought some fitness DVD's. Best thing I ever did. Love em! I never dreamt I'd be a runner and someone who did physical jerks but I am.

    Week 8 is nearly week 9. Week 9 is easier than week 8 so you'll be fine. You can do it! Yes, you can. You've come this far and you're practically at the finish tape. Slow down, smile a bit and have fun with these last few runs. The programme will soon be finished and you'll never have to do it again, so savour these last runs. They could be monumental in your future health and fitness.

    Good luck. Keep us posted

  • Take it easy, take an extra rest day if you feel you need it, then go at again. You'll get there ;o) Good luck.

  • Hi KatrinaC,

    Did you have a break before starting wk 8? I would also suggest possibly changing your course, it may be a mental block for you on Thursday when you get to the stage you stopped at.

    Well done for getting this far. I have also found wk 8 a challenge, it's amazing what an extra 3 minutes has on the mind and body. Good luck for Thursday.

  • Good luck shortlegs xxx

  • I agree with all the good advice already given, slow it down, take your rest days and an extra day if you need it and always, always stretch after you finish running. I suffer from tight calves from time to time and when I do I repeat my stretches again later in the day to help ease out the kinks. My OH has bought a foam roller but I haven't yet found the courage to use 'The Beast' :)

  • I would definitely use the foam roller - its wonderful - although it can be quite painful if you have a tight ITB but start using it. Its great and soothing x

  • Well done on reaching this stage Katrina. Just take it easy and not go out too fast for a start - wishing you well on your next run

  • I found this with week 7. I took an extra break (two/three days rather than the one) before week 8 and gave my legs a bit more time to recover. I felt that really helped me and my first week 8 run went a lot better. Best of luck with the other runs. Potentially only 5 more to go until you graduate!

  • Thanks Cathrynp - exciting isn't it who would have thought!!

  • I certainly didn't!

  • Thanks guys for all your help. Yes I do other exercise, pilates twice a week which I love, gym and swimming. I think I need to slow it down - I'm running a 12 minute pace lol so need to go much slower. I've changed my routes as well which is helpful and I think the weather didn't help it was quite windy and I just struggled with my breathing lol

    I've got a foam roller and also wear Skin calf sleeves which seem to help - so going out again tomorrow and slowly slowly.

    Well done everyone - really love it and got all the equipment lol the body just needs to play ball lol

    Thank you and very much appreciated x

  • I'm determined I am going to do this and get my graduation badge so will be off again tomorrow x

  • Right... meeting cancelled this morning so I went for a run- all your tips were going through my head and I did it!! 28 minutes hard work and my calf was tight and sore but so determined to do it. So thank you so much and I cannot believe it's nearly graduation time!!! Woww

  • You're doing so well, week 8 is still a distant dream to me! Awesome stuff!

  • Thanks Camperfan - I had to stop and redo a few weeks as I stupidly sprained my ankle out walking. But I love running and never going to be a Mo but its great and not sure why I didn't take it up early.

  • Meant to say keep going camperfan x

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