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Hola fellow runners,

So on saturday I went for a 6.57km run managed to do it in 43minutes. I wanted to go on but I decided not to push my self in case of injury. I was thinking if you feel ok should you just continue and see how you go or stop ? I only ask as I usually find the first 3/4km hard, then I finally get my groove and feel I have to stop.

So this morning I decided I am a bit bored of my running routes so I will give the speed podcast ago. 16minutes maybe I could do a little run afterwards. So got to the park and thought I would stick to the flat path -oh my this was hard work and I definitely did not fancy adding a little run afterwards. I really enjoyed though and wish and really glad I gave it ago.

Next run is going to be 5km and then 7km either Friday or Saturday.

Next week I will be doing the stamina podcast and alternate between these two. If you have not tried the 5km+ podcasts definitely give them ago!

Happy running folks

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You are speedy :-) sounds like you have a good plan there. There is the 10% rule, which I'm sure you know, about not increasing distances by more than 10% each week. It is guidance in order to prevent injury. That said, if you want to try push for an extra 0.5 or 1km, I guess listen to your body. If it complains, then stop straight away?


Hola Vix, haven't tried the speed podcast as yet. It's one of those things I had on my running 'to do' list before I got injured. It sounds like such hard work so well done you!! Tanya is talking sense about the 10% rule but I guess 0.5k here or there won't make much difference. Happy running x


You can stop and walk til you get your breath back and then carry on again. It's good to do that. I do it all the time. Don't go too far in one go as it's the way to injury. You're a new runner so take it steady. All good things come to those who bide their time


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