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Hi everyone

Just thought I would introduce myself as I have started the couch to 5k program, I am on week 2 day 1. Although before starting this I was working out. The reason I started this is 1 I want to lose weight and tone up and 2 silly old me decided to sign up for a 10k walk for cancer charity. I have decided to run 5 k and walk 5k. The walk is on the 30/8/14.

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Welcome :) Good luck with the charity walk/run.


Thank you sercreative. I will use this 10k charity walk as a training session too ;-)


Welcome aboard and good luck with your run/walk :)


Welcome, but a word of caution. You say you were working out previously, which will be a great help to achieving C25k graduation, but please don't try to rush through the programme (unless you really are very fit) in time to run 5k by the end of August. By pushing too hard and missing rest days you could very easily injure yourself. Your aim is admirable, but maybe scale down the running ambition a bit and stick with the training plan, otherwise you may get disillusioned about running if injury strikes.

Good luck and keep posting.


This is the 6th attempt at trying to reply, so here goes. ;-)

Firstly, thank you for the welcome. Yes, I was working out prior to joining the c25k program. Which has helped me tone up my muscles but as I work silly and long hours this work out thing just wasn't enough to keep toning and losing weight as much as I'd of liked. I agree with your advice not to rush the program my idea of running 5k on the charity 10k was wherever I'm at with the program on the day use that as my training and do whatever week or run I'm on to do 5k instead of just total walk. Thankfully the charity 10k is not a race just walking to raise money for Marie curie. I just thought what better way to earn money for a good cause but also good training for myself.

I have had a slight knee niggle this week as my knee is not happy about this running lark. ;-) but with a little help from a knee support it's feeling ok today. I rest 2 days a week do the c25k three times a week and work out my legs, arms and abs twice a week.

Thank you for the luck, I need it ;-)



I hope you enjoy the C25K and also the forum. I've found it to be a friendly, supportive place and very up beat. Have fun and welcome :-)


Hi I-will, good name choice :-)

I love positive people and could see by some of the posts I've read the is the place to be. Especially with me being early in the c25k program. Thank you for the welcome ;-)


Oh my word, not long 'til the 10km run-walk.

If you want to lose weight on C25K, don't have too high expectations. You'll burn about 300 calories in the first few weeks, so don't celebrate with a piece of chocolate cake (!). I've no doubt that you will get nicely toned on this program, though.

Anyway, you are in the right place if you want lots of encouragement and need to ask questions. Do post regularly about your progress, and we are all here to give you a cheer after every run.

It was all the encouragement from the lovely folks on this forum that got me through C25K... so the very best of luck: have fun!


Hi Marky, no not long until the 10k. Ha ha I've not had to much expectation as losing weight now I am much older is proving to stick on like glue ;-)

I take a stepometer which counts my steps, distance and calories and I have to say for the amount of sweat and hard work the calorie figure always looks very disappointing especially as my main meal That day is more than I've burnt ha ha. I've been celebrating with a pint of ice cold water and a fresh fruit smoothie :-)

I am indeed in the right place, such a good vibe when here with people who are either in the same position or have been in my position. I am sure as the program starts to notch up a level I will be screaming from all angles for support ;-) at the moment I'm plodding along nicely. Thank you Marky.


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