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Help please lovely c25kers!!!!

Hi all, been quiet for a while, but I am still running and was making steady progress getting up to 7k fairly comfortably. Now disaster has struck!!!

While on holiday and running in an unfamiliar place I pushed myself way too hard up a really steep hill, unbelievably stupid, i know! Especially as I tend to avoid hills in my usual routes. Anyway afterwards really painful achilles and pretty much ever since.

I had a week off last week and it was starting to feel a bit loser, although really really stiff first thing and also if I sit down for a long period. Went out this morning and had to pull up in less than a minute in real pain.

Have self diagnosed tendinitis or tendinopathy it is sometimes called and will go and see physio. But can you tell me vaguely how long until I will be able to run again? Also, it is much less painful in the evening after a day walking around on it, so should I maybe try and go out then? My preferred morning runs a non starter as pain is really bad first thing.

Sooooooo frustrating, i don't want to lose all the form I have so painstakingly built up and am feeling really miserable about It

A very sad Em

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I cant answer how long it will take to get better part. But try not to worry about losing any fitness. It doesn't just disappear, honestly. I went about 6 months last year with no running and pretty much just picked up where i left off when i restarted. Same distances just a little bit slower. Good luck seeing your physio hope you feel better soon.


Thanks for that, it is very reassuring. I had it in my mind that I would end up going back to square 1. I won't feel so bad about time off if I know I will be able to run again and not be totally rubbish!!!

Thanks again



Youl be fine, as long as you don't rush it. When you do get back out there just slow as you can really listen to your body dont push yourself too fast straight away just enjoy it. your physio should be able to give you some good advice for exercises to help loosen things up do them every day. And swimming is a great help too in the meantime if you are able too. :-)


Maybe try alternative lighter exercise until you get an opinion? Cycling/swimming possibly?


Yep, reckon that's the best option but running was the thing that finally got me really exercising, I find it difficult to get motivated for anything else. Oh well, this will have to be a test of character as well!!!

Thanks for the suggestion



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