As promised - blog of shame and lame excuses :-(

Didn't get to the park run after all and am gutted. I thought I had all bases covered, kit laid out, banana, water and barcode in the car, nervous but determined and then I got blindsided by the most stupid of reasons....

The rain :O I've done most of C25k on the treadmill and a lot of my running since. I only venture out on nice days or at least dry days. I got up this morning bright and early and it was raining. Ah well, it'll be a new experience for me and will keep me cool, no big deal BUT I realised I hadn't got a single suitable jacket. I have a waterproof walking jacket but it's too big and cumbersome to run in, my lightweight fleece that I run outside in would just take on water like a sponge and the only other thing I have is a lightweight beige trenchcoat, I'd look a right Charlie running in that!

Sooo, some retail therapy needed to cheer me up. Any recommendations for a jacket? I haven't got a clue what to look for.


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19 Replies

  • Ah Khrissy, what a shame. Must admit I had similar problems earlier in the year and realised I only had walking gear for wet weather. I had to run in an oversized rainproof packaway jacket which actually worked quite well! You can get them in any outdoor shop for not a lot.

    If you fancy something a bit more stylish, try Sports Direct online - they have a good selection of jackets at reasonable prices - in fact I've just found my current one, Karrimor x-lite convertible for £13.99!! Damn it I paid £25 back in Feb!

  • Went to our local sports shop, got myself a Karrimor at half price...and some 3/4 leggings...and a fancy 'wickyoursweataway' top....and some trainer socks...and a cap....I was like a kid in a sweetshop :D

  • Aww matey, not to worry, there is always next week! I had a thoroughly soggy time and will mention it in my blog shortly. Wait until it clears up and then go for a good old solo jog!

  • I'm near nearly cleared...and then the heavens opened again, so I took my frustration out on the treadmill because my fancy new Karrimor jacket was far to nice to get wet ;-)

    5k done in a blistering pace, well blistering for me anyway!

  • I fully understand that - don't beat yourself up about it. I went to look at what I thought was my nearest and the hills are so steep! Luckily they told me about a new one only 10 miles away (instead of the 25 I drove today) so will try that one soon. Perhaps we can aim for our first one together, given that we both missed today :)

  • Next week Annie? I have all the gear now and will really look like I belong. At least until I start running :O

  • A tentative YES! The reason is, the new one is mostly on grass and down by the river, it looks like from the map (Darley in East mids, if you want to check it out) and therefore if the weather is really wet all this week I won't go as it will be slippy. But fingers crossed... yes! Gulp! :O

  • :-) No shame, what's a girl to do when she's prepared for all things but rain and it rains? GO SHOPPING! :-) I have a nice light weight jacket with a thin lining to wick moisture, but it has a rain resistant exterior. If the sun comes out or it stops raining, it can be removed and slipped down mid-run, tying the arms at the waist. Have fun in retail therapy! ;-) Gayle

  • Oh, shop I did (see above) and then some...I also have a new dress for my hols and two tops and a 2 pairs of shoes as well and feel sooo much happier now ;-) The bank manager may be less amused though!

  • Hi Krissy - no way would I run in rain without a jacket so you're totally off the hook with me!

    My jacket is from Aldi - I don't know if you can get them at this time of year (I had to visit an Aldi while away on holiday as we don't yet have one here) but it's great for the purpose - waterproof, pockets for things and of course cheap (since I don't intend to use it much).

    I also wear a baseball cap when running in the rain - I have a sports (nylon or similar) one that dries well once I get home.

    Hope that helps and look forward to seeing a parkrun report from you soon!

  • I checked Aldi on my way to sports direct, as I'd seen so many comments about good stuff in there but nothing doing. I got a half price Karrimor which I'm sure will keep me dry and hopefully not too sweaty. It was my first visit to a sports shop so I think I went a bit mad (been running in supermarket leggings and any old t-shirt up to now!)

  • OK - so - next week then Krissy! I ducked out of it today because of going out to the garden show later on (which was great - and I'd have been much too tired to enjoy it if I'd done the parkrun first, so glad I didn't go today), but I do want to do another parkrun soon.

    I've got a lightweight waterproof jacket - cheap one, which I wore for my first parkrun - it's not ideal as it gets too hot, but it did the job. Though I think if the weather was warm enough, I'd just get wet! I ended up with it tied round my waist, which was a bit annoying really.

    Next week then?

  • Next week? Hell yes! And now I'll really look like I belong ;-) Buoyed up by the fact that all the kit I came home with is size 10....I haven't been in a 10 since before my first born was conceived! This running thing (along with a healthy diet) really does work. I'm hooked and too scared to stop in case it all piles on again!

  • That sounds like a pretty awesome shopping stint!

  • My waterproof always ends up around my waist within minutes, even if it is still raining. It just makes me feel better prepared to have it with me ;-)

  • Glad you managed to get a jacket Khrissy, no excuses now right?! ;)

    I have 2 lightweight jackets for heavy rain, one is high viz that I use for dark nights. But I actually love to run in rain and tend not to wear a jacket especially now and on longer runs as I get too hot and don't like anything flapping around so don't want to tie it around my waist. A peaked cap is good for keeping it off your face and out of your eyes.

    Who knows, when you experience it for the first time you may come to love it too!! Give it a go..... :)


  • No excuses Sue, next week I WILL be there. I think it was just a combination of being a newbie and also not having the right kit, I didn't want to look like an absolute incompetent (I'll leave my time to reveal that!) and my resolve crumbled. As for running in the rain, I think that might be quite refreshing...I ran in the garage this afternoon while it pelted down outside and sweated like a, erm, sweaty thing (fancy new wickyoursweataway top worked though). I live near Manchester, I'll have to get used to it!

  • I went out running in the rain yesterday in t-shirt and shorts, find I dont notice it too much once I am warmed up.

    If its cold and wet I prefer a long sleeved top to keep my arms warm. The worst thing about the rain is the first 5 minutes of warm up.

    I quite like it when it starts to rain after ive been going about 20 minutes, it can be very refreshing.

  • Sorry to hear you are still a Parkrun virgin - especially as your blog was one of those that inspired me to go! It was fab too. Mind you fully understand your dilemma - was having a 8am panic in case it rained myself! Sure it must be better to go on a fine day. Fingers crossed for this week for you. It's a great feeling when you cross that line (in a size 10 too - very jealous of that!)

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