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Reached Wk7 but sore hip!

Well I'm a bit fed up - I reached Wk 7 and was going well but my right hip became quite sore. Not when running but when I was rotating it - think sitting down and crossing your left foot on to your right knee to tie a shoelace. I thought it might just need stretching out a bit but that made it worse so decided to rest it. I was about to go on holiday for 10 days so thought I would see how it would go. I did do a short run after a few days but wasn't sure if I should rest completely or not so decided to err on the side of caution (I did badly jar that hip a few years ago which resulted in sciatica for a while). Had a lovely holiday in hot sunny Scotland (I kid you not - it was hotter than the continent!) and searched the net on my return for a solution to my hip problem. I've decided to visit the physiotherapist next week (provided by my GP but the physio is on holiday this week) and am hoping it will a case of doing some exercises. I'm not sore when walking but it gets stiff after sitting for a while (eg on a car journey).

I was really pleased to get to Week 7 (and even had the extra puff for a faster last minute) so am a bit down not to be carrying on at the moment. Hope I'm doing the right thing and also hope that the next time I post will be to ask advice about which week to resume on.

I was looking forward to getting that Graduate badge before too long but it will just have to wait!

Nice to be able to post on here as I know other people have had similar problems.

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Just re-read my first line - that should read sore LEFT hip, not right!!


Sorry to hear about your hip problem. It sounds like you are doing the right thing and resting.

I assume you have got some proper running shoes (after having had a gait analysis)?

Hope you are better soon.


I have some Nike running shoes that I bought a couple of months ago but haven't done a gait analysis - something I should perhaps do.


I sympathise completely; I also injured my hip/buttock in week 7 and am currently out of action. I should have graduated by now but am doing the sensible thing and letting it heal. Fingers crossed we will both be back out there soon and earning our badges :) x


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