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Really sore ankle

Hi everyone!

I've joined just a week ago and completed Wk2 R1 yesterday. I was feeling great and took to running every second day... but I may have been overenthusiastic. Now, my right ankle (around the bone) is really sore. Is this likely to be something that will go with a bit of rest or should I get it seen? I don't usually make a fuss but it really is painful to the point I'm limping a wee bit.

Anyway, I find it super encouraging to read your posts and to learn about each personal victory. Thank you for sharing :)

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Are you following the NHS C25K programme.. is so, you know you must take a rest day between runs..:)

Check your shoes are fitting properly and that your socks aren't rubbing... then ,really slow down...have an extra rest day... and rest and ice that ankle.. the RICE treatment works.

See how you go ? :)


I did leave a day in between runs but perhaps underestimated that I had never run before and this could happen. Shoes may be an issue but I was trying not to blame the equipment :D I'll def follow the RICE advice. Thanks!

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I made it to wk3 / run 2 before my ankle became too painful to run. It hurts a lot even when I walk so taking everyone's advice on here I've reluctantly decided to stop running until it gets better. Am really gutted to have to stop when I was progressing well but don't want to do any serious damage. When the pain eases off I will get back out there. If no improvement in a few days might be worth seeing a doctor.


Feel the same way - I know it is early days but I'm really enjoying it. Fingers crossed this won't take too long :)


I would see the Dr I had a problem with my ankle a few years ago and it turned out to be an Achilles problem, which was easily sorted with some specific exercises. I started running a few weeks ago and it hurt again so as I knew the reason I was able to sort it out quickly. I did also get a stiff right ankle when Running but started doing some exercises for that as well and it's fine now. I'm lucky as my daughter is a runner, doing her first marathon on Sunday, so I message her any issues and she gives me advise. Good luck hope you get sorted soon. I have shingles at the moment so sat on the sofa winding I could run.


Thanks for all the advice. I really hope you recover soon. Shingles is said to be rather painful!


Oh gosh darn it!

This happens so don't worry. New runner, flaky ankle! Frustrating but you can sort it. Ice is the runner's best friend. Honestly, it beats most medicine into touch. Ice that ankle every chance you get. Keep a freezer full of Marge tubs etc with water to make lots of ice. All sorts of things can make ice blocks 😁 Those coolbox ice packs are good, wrapped in a tea towel.

I had a stupid goshdamned soppy ankle that drove me nuts for a while but as I got stronger the niggles disappeared. I always had puffy ankles but I now have actual discernible ankles! Unbelievable! Yeah there they are. Two of em 😁

Take things really steady. You are new to running so respect that bod! 🙂


I think my body spoke loudly enough :D. Still painful but way better.


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