W2R1 - yeehhhhh!!!

W2R1 - yeehhhhh!!!

After doing W1R3 four times (!!) and after receiving some positive encouragement from your good selves I decided to take the plunge and move onto W2R1. Officially I should be nearly onto W3 but lack of confidence has stalled me. I decided I had put it off for as long as possible and guess what ........... it was actually fine. I honestly didn't think I could run for 90 seconds but after following the tips about breathing and placing your foot heel first onto the ground I accomplished the entire session just fine. It was raining lightly which was perfect and there was absolutely nobody around except for two dog walkers who were concentrating more on keeping dry and not looking up. Just goes to show that although sometimes we don't have confidence in ourselves, we should listen to others who have been there and done it and prove ourselves wrong! x

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  • well done! that looks like a HAPPY face in the photo! Good luck for the rest of the week, you sound like you'll be fine! :)

  • Congratulations on making the decision to continue on with the plan. You will find that each step in the plan is achievable and you just have to push through the mental barrier. It is mostly a mental barrier and not a physical one and we find that as we push on, confidence in ourselves and in the plan increases to fever-pitch! You look very happy now (in your lovely pic) but just wait until week 5!

    Really pleased you are taking the reigns and not allowing a little thing like lack of confidence stand in your way.

    Keep posting!

    Best wishes xxx

  • Well done Lorraine. These are the weeks that count so much and will have you running for 30 minutes in 9 weeks or so. Take it slow and steady and you will be fine.

    Good luck

  • Stick at it Lorraine. These are early days and your body is saying "Gordon Bennett! What the HELL are you doing to me woman?!!" Once it gets used to the pounding it gets every other day, you'll be fine. We've all been there and believe me you WILL amaze yourself.


  • It is all in the mind, and you overcame your doubts! Yey!!! There'll be no stopping you now & don't you look so, so happy. Good luck for the rest of the week.

  • Congratulations! Go at it at your own pace - that's what I do! We can do this xx

  • Thank you all, definitely feel the wow factor every time I finish. Still can't imagine me ever being able to do a 5k though but perhaps i'll jump that hurdle when I reach it!! Now, just to set my profile pic up as my happy face - proving more of a headache then first anticipated!! x

  • Can I give you any guidance to help you set up your profile pic? I did mine earlier this week so I'm officially an expert :-)

  • Yes please MarkyD, that would be fab. Silly thing is generally I'm quite good with PCs but seem to be struggling with this one x

  • I clicked on my name in the green bar above, next to the 'HealthUnlocked' logo. A menu drops down, and I selected 'profile'. This took me to my profile, where I can edit things about me. Top of the profile list is a profile picture. On the right-hand side, click on 'Edit' and it opens up a dialog 'Choose a picture to upload'. I had my photo previously saved to my desktop, and clicking on 'Chose file' allowed my to browse to the *.jpg on my desktop. Once opened there was an editor that helped me crop the photo to size. Finally I clicked the blue 'Crop and save' button on the right-hand side. That did it.

    I'm not sure if the site needs any plugins or bits and pieces running on your PC. I've tried it in Safari browser on my mac and Internet Explorer on my work PC... both fairly normal machines and I did not have to do anything special. Is your picture larger than 2.5MBytes? Are you trying to upload a photo from your mobile?

    Hoping you can get your smiley pic uploaded to your profile x

  • Sorry for the late reply, I initially tried immediately after your response but then gave up again with the "I can't do it" attitude!! Anyway, gunna try again. The pic is only 8.00kb and when trying to upload my pic is says is needs to be less than 2.5mb (which it is). The blue bar comes along and an hour later, the blue bar is still going along!!! What am I doing wrong? I've put the pic on my Desktop so uploading from my PC as opposed to my phone. Out of interest, what size if your pic?

  • Hiya, my photo was about 800kbytes. I cannot believe that the smily picture is only 8kbytes though... 8MBytes I'd believe. Was it taken on your phone? They can get quite big. Send me a message and I'll suggest an alternative approach.

  • The pic was taken on a phone and i've copied it to my PC. When I right click and go into the Properties it says SIZE 6.12KB (6,275 bytes) or SIZE ON DISK 8.00KB (8,192 bytes). I've resized and cropped it but still not having any luck. It's really irritating me now coz this is generally quite simple but there must be something that I'm clearly missing. Perhaps a few more marbles are required!!! :-)

  • Wow. Well done you. I did most weeks more than once too

  • Well done - take your time and you'll get there. Good Luck

  • That's amazing news! I did week 1 over three weeks, so a total of 9 times, it's about listening to your body, but also learning when to push yourself. Your doing great!! Keep it up! And keep going!

  • I glad to hear people are re: doing week 1. I did my 2nd run and it was a real struggle and I almost wanted to stop on at least 3 of them. 3rd run of the week later so I'll see how I go, but I can't imagine being able to make 90 secs....

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