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intervals for starting on hills

I graduated several months ago, and try to do my 30 minutes three times a week (still only doing 3.5km in my 30 minutes, but gradually working towards getting faster.) I'm going on holiday next week and will be in a hilly part of the country (where I am is dead flat, the only slopes I deal with are bridges). Anyway, I figure I might need to go back to run/walk intervals. What do folk think ? I was wondering about 5 run, 1 walk, or something... Any experience out there ?

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Well, you could try run-walk or you could try just slowing down a bit and see how you get on running. You could also take the opportunity to find a suitable (not ridiculously steep) hill and try some hill training.

Whatever you do, you might be better off ditching (or at least ignoring) any distance measurement otherwise you might get (wrongly) disheartened. Try to enjoy your running - whatever method you choose, getting to the top gives you a great sense of achievement!


I agree with RNB, I reckon just get out there , slow down when you need to, enjoy yourself and have fun without worrying about time or distance. I assume you aren't away for weeks, so take the opportunity to experiment with walk breaks, hill training, whatever takes your fancy. I did parkrun the other week with 6min run/1 min walk and that worked well over the hilly bits and I got a PB but I wouldn't want to do it all the time I don't think. Enjoy your hols anyway! x :-)


I think slowing right down or running at your usual pace with intervals would work equally well.

If you do find a good hill to hill train on it's probably easiest to just place some mental markers (run to that lamppost, walk to the bin, run to the corner etc) rather than stick to any timings :)


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