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W6 R1 The curve is getting steeper.

After completing my 20 min un last week, I was not really looking forward to today but strangely enough I got through it OK. I guess the program is built around what most people can achieve. Today I needed those little 3 minute walking breaks but think/hope I will make it through W6 R2 and R3.

At the start of this I couldn't have imagined running 5 mins let alone 20. I've also noted that I am reaching the place where I park the car too early so will need to park a little further away. One nice benefit of all this is that I have been able to lose nearly a stone in weight. Still have plenty of weight to lose but a stone is a nice round figure to have lost. Lets hope by keeping up the challenge I can keep the loss going to allow me to increase the distance I can complete.

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Hi, if you've got this far then you CAN complete week 6, and then 7, 8 and 9!

Keep up the good work and you'll be a lean mean running machine!

:) :)


Believe it. You will. I didn't believe I could, but I did. And now I know I can run 5k. It takes me about 45 mins, but so what? Today I was a bit short on time so I "only" did 30mins. Who am I trying to kid? 30 minutes was an incredible dream six weeks ago. That's what C25K does for you. PS I was 60 in Feb and have never in my life attempted or aspired to be a runner before. So go for it, with Laura and Aussie, and Spoonie and all the rest of us - but slowly!


Cool, we'll I'll be 49 on Wednesday and was dusting the push bike off the other week.


The small changes like having to park the car further away catch you by surprise, and the weight loss and trousers feeling looser. It all adds up to your being much more fit and healthy. You're doing great. Keep up the good work and well done on getting the bike back out


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