Very Hot Race for Life

Managed to complete the Race for Life yesterday but it was soooo hot and so many people (which obviously was a good thing) really wanted to run the whole thing, but just kept on getting stuck behind groups of people holding hands strung out across the pathways, people with dogs & pushchairs, several people dressed in various animal costumes (they must of melted in the heat) and even one lady in her wedding dress, who was a cancer survivor and so runs each year in her wedding dress to celebrate the fact........still we raised some money and had a good time, now it's time to focus on the next event, which for me is in October

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  • Well done! it was a hot day and very emotional too. What is your next event in October? :)

  • Thank you. The run in October is a 6 hour endurance run :0 which is quite scary to be thinking about, it's 2.2 mile laps of a country park, you just have to do as many as you can in the 6 hours, not sure at this point exactly how many I am likely to complete but hoping to finish at least a half marathon and anything over that will be a bonus :)

  • 6 hours! That is impressive! I would need lie down! Good luck with your training and very best wishes for your 6 hours! X

  • Thank You

  • Wow!!! Good luck x

  • Thank you I am excited and scared in equal measures ;)

  • Well done for the RFL. I am SO impressed about the forthcoming endurance race, are you allowed to stop for a break ? :)

  • Well done for doing RFL! Your endurance race sounds very interesting - my hat goes off to you - sounds very difficult. i am not sure i would know where to begin to train for that!

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