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Parkrun or not to parkrun

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I have run (well light jog) 5k on a few occasions, my first time was 41min, my best is 35 and I seem to average somewhere between the two.

Am I going to embaress myself at a parkrun?

Also with the new year I am thinking about starting a 10k training plan, is this wise or should I try to work on speed and stamina?

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If you look at your local parkrun website, you can find out how slow the slowest runners have been for the last few runs. That made me decide it'll be a while before I join in one, as I'm very very slow (fine by me) and I'd be a good 10 or 20 minutes behind the second to last person (but I might volunteer a time or two, to get a feel for how the thing works). On the other hand, someone has to be last, and I'm sure you'd get loads of encouragement - and at my nearest one, you probably wouldn't be last anyway.

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I would say give it a go... Doesnt matter on your time or where you finish... Take it from someone who finishes in the last 3 when I run at my local one. You will get support from the volunteers and other runners. Good luck

give it a go, i recently did my first and the volunteers are ace they really encourage everyone, i will definatly go again if it ever stops raining

Go for it :-)

Phil72, go for the 10k, or the park run or Both?

Actually since this morning, I have got motivated, printed my barcode and am heading to a parkrun tomorrow morning, and i'm feeling quite excited about it

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I did a park run during week 9 and was very worried about coming in last or worse still not finishing at all. Absolutely no need to worry as it is not competitive, a very diverse group of runners/joggers and very supportive. Go for it and don't worry, just enjoy and do your best. No-one is going to criticise you and you may come away pleasantly surprised that you the distance in a personal best time!

I too am thinking about upping my distance to 10k but reading is site to consider which may be the best way to do it, as well as currently struggling with a strange cramp like pain in my left thigh that keeps moving around - not sure whether to run with it or to rest?!

Good luck!

Well I did it, my first parkrun, what an amazing experience, everyone is so friendly and encouraging, the marshals really spurred me on with claps and encouragement.

the official results aren't in yet, but I think I may have achieved a PB too.

I will definitely go again and if anyone else is questioning whether to go to a parkrun, just go its fab :-)

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I'm glad you did it well done to you :-) I am a big fan of parkruns so am always pleased to hear of people running them. Good luck with the next one

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jasehuss in reply to rolphie2

And the results came in it was a record turn out of runners for the course with 216 runners. I finished at 178 with a time of 33:25 taking over 2:30 off my previous best for 5km

I am needless to say well chuffed with that :-)

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rolphie2Graduate in reply to jasehuss

Well done that is fantastic, worth the long weight for the results. I beat my best time by 46 seconds, so I was very happy as well. Good luck with your next one :-D

Give it a go. I have run several parkruns and I'm always last. I think maybe my local run is quite fast cos most people get in under 35 minutes. I need to knock of 15 minutes from my time just to beat next to last. A lot of the runners make encouraging comments as they flash past (it's 2 circuits of the park) and all the marshals do, so go for it and register for your times so you can see you progress.

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