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Discombobulated... duathlon for now!

I am just in the door - still not showered but I have to let everyone know this.!! I still cannot believe it - went for the swim... splashing about breast stroking for I think 30 minutes - I forgot to look at the watch when I got in, and when I remembered it was 10.36 - out at 11.0​5, I could not stay in a second longer, someone in the distant future, when the ice melts at the end of the next glaciation may have found my frozen body - in a swimsuit...​

What happened next is the thing I still cannot believe : I had my running gear in the car, so after "transitioning" off I went for what I intended to be a 10-15 minutes warming brisk walk - but after 6 or 7 minutes I started running... and went on running for 30 minutes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks a million Dozzer, ​ never in my wildest dreams had I thought to even try something like that...

Now, I know the purist triathletes will stay well away from me - I am sure I can beat them all in the transition : 15 minutes to get changed. Honestly, what is the fun in doing it as quick as possible? ;)

And now I have to find that bike.

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That is some speed for a transition Pigivi. If you need a bike just go and wave an onion and some gooseberries outside a bike owning neighbours house. I believe it's the going rate for a swop in Dozzville ;)


Oh Pigivi, well done!

Yes, I too have to thank Dozz for getting me back swimming!

Hope you find a bike soon.!


We'll have to get him on a poster for GP surgeries to say no to!

He got me back on my bike.


Well done. I think my transition took at least 2 hours! Final running part tomorrow for me.


Cor blimey. Well done you. That's some going. I would have to eat something after the swim otherwise I'd keel over. Only the cycling left.


The most amazing is that I did all that after my first fast day on the 5:2 diet... having had just a few oatcakes for breakfast!

Irishprincess, are you in Ireland?


No I'm not. I was born and brought up in Ireland but now live in England.


Oh well done pigivi. That's some transition time! :)


Thanks everybody!


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